The 2020 Olympics are in Tokyo but the BBC studio is not actually based in Japan.

The coverage of the games comes from several well-known presenters and sports commentators.

But some viewers were stunned to learn that the impressive studio is not in Japan and is actually based somewhere close to their homes.

Read on to find more about the BBC location for the 2020 Olympics.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics | Trailer – BBC

Tokyo 2020 Olympics | Trailer – BBC

Where is the BBC Olympic studio?

  • Salford, Greater Manchester.

The studio is based in “sunny Salford”, Chris Hoy revealed in one Twitter post, writing: “And in case you’re wondering, we’re in sunny Salford not Tokyo.”

Presenters covering the 2020 Olympics are actually based in front of a green screen at a BBC studio here in the UK.

The backdrop features some of Tokyo’s best-known landmarks and bright lights of the city.

Viewers at home were stunned to learn about the actual location, with one tweeting: “It took me 2 episodes of #todayatthegames to question whether the BBC Olympics studio was actually in Tokyo. It’s not of course, it’s in Salford. The CGI is ridiculously good.”

Another one wrote: “Find it amazing that the BBC Olympics studio is basically this green box.”

The post down below takes you behind the scenes of the studio and reveals the impressive engineering and organisation of the set-up.

Why isn’t the studio in Tokyo?

BBC had to create a studio in the UK due to rising Covid-19 cases in the country and across the globe.

There is a small team of journalists who cover live from the 2020 event in Tokyo but their number is limited compared to previous Olympic games.

Speaking to The Guardian, head of major sport events Ron Chakraborty acknowledged viewers’ frustration since the BBC could broadcast two live events at a time.

“I understand the frustration. But be patient with us. We will do our best to give as many sports we can their moment in the spotlight over the 16 days. And we will certainly do our best to make sure that what is on BBC One and the second stream is the best of the Olympics and all those memorable moments that make it such a hugely popular event,” he told the publication.

BBC Olympic studio, BBC iPlayer

Meet the presenters

A number of familiar presenters are covering the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

They include BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker, former football player and TV presenter Alex Scott, sports journalist Hazel Irvine, among many other guest hosts.

If you have missed any of the coverage so far, you can watch the episodes on BBC iPlayer.