The rumoured release date for Ariana Grande in Fortnite has got fans excited for another in-game concert.

Epic Games’ v17.21 has just been released and it comes with a plasma cannon entering the invasion. Fans are currently enjoying Season 7 of Chapter 2, and it’s been a bonkers experience so far thanks to the arrivals of Rick from Rick and Morty and Lebron James from Space Jam 2 (oh, and he also plays basketball).

While it’s been a mad ride so far, things are about to get even better or worse depending on how much you like pop music.

Fortnite New Item Trailer – Plasma Cannon

Fortnite New Item Trailer – Plasma Cannon

When is the Ariana Grande concert in Fortnite?

The rumoured release date for when the Ariana Grande concert will happen in Fortnite is August 6th.

A new countdown has appeared in-game following the launch of version 17.21, and it is scheduled to end on the above date at 10:00 PT, 13:00 ET, and 18:00 BST. Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, fans believe it relates to the datamined concert for the former Nickelodeon star.

Even if you’re not a fan of the pop star’s music, the experience could be as groundbreaking as Travis Scott’s back in 2020. More than 12 million people attended that showing and it’s possible even more will turn up for the pop princess.

What is the Ariana Grande skin price?

The likely price for the Ariana Grande Fortnite skin is 1,500 V-bucks.

Her skin is rumoured to be part of the Icon series, and these cosmetics usually come at the above price.

YouTuber Hithesh has shared the concept art of the skin on Twitter from artist D3NNI_YT, and fans have fallen in love. Although I’m not too sure why eliminating more enemies would make her ponytail grow longer, but it’s just a concept piece for now.

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