Twitch streamer Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon seems to be regretting her choice of words after receiving backlash over her “racist” remark against a waiter. 

Alinity teared up while apologizing to her followers during a live stream as she revealed to her followers that the waiter’s job was not at risk and that she had spoken to the manager of the establishment. 

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“Racist” remark explained 

Alinity came under fire after reportedly calling a waiter “racist” during a live stream. The incident is said to have occurred during a stream with Mizkif and Maya.

While the actual stream has been taken down, reports suggest the streamer made the comment because she felt a Shake Shack employee was behaving rudely towards Korean streamer HAchubby. 

If reports are to be believed, the waiter was having a hard time understanding HAchubby’s order owing to her English, when Alinity claimed that they “didn’t like” the Korean streamer and went on to brand them a “racist”. 

Alinity issues an apology for being “a**holes”

It didn’t take Alinity long to realize the consequences of her words as a large number of fans warned her against her comments while she was streaming live. 

As social media users called her out for what she had said, the streamer reportedly broke down. Mizkif said, “I don’t know what to do. She’s pretty upset. The vibes are definitely off. I went upstairs, and she was crying.”

Later, she said in an apology statement that the issue was resolved. She noted, “I called the place. I talked to the manager. I apologized for being a**holes. I told the manager that the employees were great. And the manager said that all the employees were fine and thank you for calling.”

Twitter erupts over the comments 

Several Twitter users have expressed disappointment in Alinity for her treatment of the waiter, despite her apology which came in later. 

One tweeted, “The problem is the dude is already having a hard time trying to understand hachu, and mizkif is there literally trolling and wasting his time, then Alinity has the audacity to call him a racist. Viewers literally called the store and review bombed the restaurant lol”

Another added, “Alinity calling him a racist in front of 55k viewers was a little fucked up to.”

One expressed, “Still tho bro. Their whole demeanor and everything was just rude and then Alinity calling the dude racist was way out of line”

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