Australian actor Dieter Brummer has sadly been confirmed dead in his home after police responded to a welfare call. Brummer was most notable for his role in Home and Away.

The late actor appeared on the TV soap between 1992 and 1996.

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Who did Dieter Brummer play in Home and Away? 

Throughout the early to mid-1990s, Dieter Brummer portrayed the role of Shane Parrish in Home and Away.

First introduced with a ‘bad boy’ trope, Parrish became the love interest of Melissa George’s Angel Brooks, which resulted in Brummer’s character softening. Dieter joined the Home and Away cast at only 15-years-old!

Dieter reportedly left his Home and Away role once he felt that Shane’s storyline had come to a ‘natural conclusion’, stating at the time: “I know there’s life after Home And Away and I’m not afraid of it. Now it’s time it’s time to move on.”

His character was then written out, dying from septicaemia in 1996.

Australian actor passes away at 45

Sadly, it’s been confirmed that Dieter Brummer has passed away aged 45.

Reports state that the actor was found dead at a house in Sydney on Saturday (24th July) after police responded to a welfare call. His death is not being treated as suspicious at this time.

On Monday (26th July), Brummer’s family released a statement: “We lost our handsome, talented, funny, complicated and beloved Dieter. He has left a massive hole in our lives and our world will never be the same.”

After the actor departed from Home and Away, he still appeared on our TV screens, taking on roles in Winners and Losers and rival soap Neighbours.

Co-stars and friends pay tribute to Brummer

Upon hearing the devastating news of Brummer’s passing, friends and co-stars of the actor have taken to social media to pay tribute.

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Peter Ford tweeted: “Very sad to hear of the death of former TV heart-throb & Logie winner Dieter Brummer at 45 years old. Home & Away was a massive hit for him in the 90s. There were other credits too but when you hit such dizzying heights at a very young age life & career after can be problematic.”

Likewise, Carly Findlay wrote: “I was a huge fan of Dieter Brummer when I was a kid – his autographed photo was framed in a special frame I made with pistachio shells when I was in hospital. Gone too soon.”

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