BTS deemed as South Korea’s pride has already made several ‘appearances’ in Tokyo Olympics 2020 as BTS ARMY keeps find out Bangtan songs that have been played in the Olympics so far. From ‘Butter’, ‘Dynamite’ to the latest edition being ‘Dream Glow’, here’s an updated BTS tracklist of the Tokyo Olympics.

According to a Korean media article, athletes at the Olympics can request for a particular song to be played when they win the Gold medal. South Korean MC Kim Shin-young revealed BTS’s ‘Butter’ and ‘Dynamite’ are the top most requested songs for the Olympics this year.

BTS ‘Butter, ‘Dynamite’ among the most requested songs of Tokyo Olympics 2020 (BTS Weverse)

Tokyo Olympics 2020 BTS Tracklist

BTS ARMY has spotted a number of BTS songs playing in the Tokyo Olympics. But to the fandom’s surprise, the all rounding BTS playlist includes some underrated Bangtan gems as well as the most popular songs like ‘Dynamite’, ‘Butter’ and ‘Fire.’

‘Butter’, BTS’ biggest record-breaking song has been played multiple times at the Olympics. On July 25, the song was played during the Women’s boxing match. The song was again repeated during a Rugby match between Korea and New Zealand. Another BTS’ Billboard Hot 100 topper ‘Dynamite’ was featured when the South Korean men team won at Archery.

BTS ARMY also noted, ‘Waste It On Me’, a BTS and Steve Aoki song was played when the South Korean archery team qualified for the next round in Tokyo Olympics. Speaking of all BTS songs, an ARMY tweeted,

BTS ‘Dream Glow’ played in Tokyo Olympics

On July 26, BTS ARMY took to Twitter to share their surprise at finding ‘Dream Glow’ playing in Tokyo Olympics 2020. A fan shared, “camera view directed on ARMY NAOMI OSAKA, during Olympics practice, with BTS DREAM GLOW playing in the background!”

Another ARMY added, “Only who is ARMY and is deep into BTS songs, knows dream glow , a wonderful song!!! Of course the players are ARMY that’s why they want to play BTS songs at stadium!”

Rounding up BTS impact at the Olympics, a fan gushed, “Dynamite, Butter, Dream glow and now Fire. Its like tannies are present at the Olympics!”

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