With no supporters in the crowd and athletes pulling out due to the fear of contracting covid-19, many countries are sending fewer athletes to compete in the 2020 Olympics; but which country has the fewest competitors?

Which countries have the least athletes?

With 206 competing countries, (including all national Olympic Committees) naturally, each will have more or fewer athletes due to many reasons; such as wealth, opportunity, population and, now, covid-19 setbacks.

There are numerous countries that have the fewest amount of athletes competing in this year’s games. The following list has only two athletes competing in Tokyo:

  1. Andora
  2. Brunei 
  3. Central African Republic 
  4. Dominica 
  5. Lesotho 
  6. Nauru 
  7. Solomon Islands 
  8. Somalia 
  9. South Sudan 

To put this into perspective, this game’s host, Japan, has 552 athletes competing. No wonder they often dominate the medal table, along with Australia (478) and China (406).

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Who is the smallest competing country by population?

Nauru, a small island located in the Pacific Ocean northeast of Australia, is the smallest nation to compete in the Olympics. With an estimated population of 11,500, the country has no rivers and just 30km of roads.

Formally known as ‘Pleasant Island’ the country is yet to win a medal since it first competed in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

Sending a total of 13 athletes in the last six games (1996 to 2016), Nauru has only competed in the Olympics for weightlifting (its national sport) and judo.

However, they have had great success in the Commonwealth Games, with ten gold medals; placing the country ahead of Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong.

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