Kim Min Gwi, currently starring in Netflix’s ‘Nevertheless, made headlines after his former partner made allegations against the actor accusing him of cheating, verbal abuse, and breaking Covid 19 protocols. Later, the 27-year-old K-drama star accepted some of the allegations but denied breaking any pandemic protocol.

Kim Min Gwi, earlier famed for his roles in K-dramas like ‘She Would Never Know’ and ‘L.U.C.A The Beginning’, plays the role of Nam Kyu Hyun, the sincere and ideal boyfriend of Oh Bit-na.

From the perfect reel life character to shocking real life allegations, here’s how fans reacted to the cheating row.

Kim Min Gwi for ‘Nevertheless’ (JTBC)

What were the cheating allegations against Kim Min Gwi?

Kim Min Gwi got embroiled in cheating controversy after an anonymous user shared that the person has been dating the South Korean actor for six years but recently she found out that the K-drama star has cheated on her.

The anonymous user didn’t name the actor but shared: “During dating for the last 6 years, you secretly went to a club, had affairs with several women, and used abusive languag,” a Korean media article reported.

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The user revealed: “Even when you tested positive for Corona, I was only worried about you. Later, I found out that you were two-timing me. Even when you started self-quarantine, you secretly went out in the morning to meet the other woman.”

Kim Min Gwi admits to the cheating accusation

Later, Kim Min Gwi’s agency issued a statement where the actor has admitted to the cheating allegations and apologized to fans. The actor’s agency Big Picture Entertainment shared: “The actor himself has admitted his controversial private life and he is deeply regretful for his immature judgment and actions inflicting pain on the victim. We also apologize for causing public concerns about this.”

However, the agency stated that Kim Min Gwi hasn’t broken any rules of Covid 19 self-isolation. They said: “On allegations of actor Kim Min Gwi breaking COVID-19 safety protocol by leaving his quarantine location without permission, this is not true.”

Fans react to Kim Min Gwi cheating row

Kim Min Gwi’s ‘Nevertheless’ character Nam Kyu Hyun has easily become one of the fan favorites for portraying the ideal boyfriend in contrast to Song Kang’s flamboyant character Jae-eon. But with the new controversy coming to light, fans took to Twitter to share their utter shock about the actor’s personal life.

One fan shared: “This is more personal issue but if someone like him portraying a good boy in drama is one good example of NOT everything that we know about these actors via SNS, media etc.. is exactly WHAT they are in person.” Another user asked, “is he park jae eon in real life?” A third fan posted, “the fact that whole team hates jaeeon as a character so bad and here’s jaeeon in rl!”

‘Nevertheless’ will return on Netflix and JTBC on Saturday at 12 PM EDT. Know all about the last episode here.