There’s not long until Costco’s August 2021 coupon book – here are the best deals and release date explored.

The chain is known for its coupon books that offer great bargains on a range of products.

From beauty to food, there are plenty of deals that customers can take advantage of every month.

So, here’s what to know about the best sales and offerings in August 2021.

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How long is the coupon valid for?

The coupon is valid from August 4th, 2021 until August 29th, 2021, Costco Insider writes.

This means that customers have nearly four weeks to find great discounts, both online and in-store.

The one in July ended on Sunday, July 25th.

Some of the best food and beauty deals explored

One of the great sales Costco has in August is the $50 off from their FoodSavers, the multi-use food preservation system.

A 10-cup Brita pitcher and two filters are $20.99, which has been reduced from $28.99.

Those after a quick and delicious Korean meal, can get $4 off from the Bibigo Beef Mandu.

Another great bargain is the Premier Protein Shakes which have $7 off per each pack, while the Aveeno lotion has a $4 price cut.

Customers can also get $35 off Keurig, the single serve coffee cup maker.

For a full list of deals, you can check out this comprehensive video by Free to Family on their YouTube channel.

Tech deals explored

There is great news for those of you who are after tech deals as Costco has cut the prices on several laptops and portable hard disks.

Customers can get $200 off on LG gram 15.6″ 1080p laptop, which costs $799.99 now.

The SanDisk portable SSD is $119.99 ($20 off) and the Seagate 5 TB portable hard disk is $94.99 ($30 off).

The ASUS M415 14″ 1080p laptop costs $599.99 after a $100 price cut.

If you don’t have a copy of the coupon book, you can check it out here.

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