Several fans have been wondering who are the Dolan twins dating after a TikTok video claimed they are dating each other. In reality, this is just a fake rumor, but it has left everyone confused.

Ethan and Grayson Dolan, popularly known as the Dolan twins, have been making videos together since 2013. Their vines helped them gain popularity and in a matter of few months, the duo managed to gain millions of followers on YouTube. Even though they have stepped away from the platform, TikTok cannot stop talking about them.

TikTok video claims Dolan brothers are dating each other

On July 24, a TikTok user named gxhannelius shared a video that alleged the twins are dating. The caption for the video read: “Y’all I just found out that Dolan twins are secretly dating each other.”

To add to this, fans have been sharing a screenshot of a tweet made by Grayson in 2020. The tweet reads: “If you don’t kiss your bros for small celebration…are you even bros?” The tweet was accompanied by two pictures where two guys were seen kissing.

In reality, the pictures were from a Vlog that the twins had uploaded. At the same time, the twins were not kissing each other, the person in their picture was their friend Ryan. Despite this, the tweet had received a lot of backlash from fans which made Grayson delete it.

Who are the Dolan twins dating in real life?

Ethan is reportedly dating Kristina Alice. Kristina is an Australian influencer and had also made an appearance alongside Ethan in the 2018 music video for Cub Sport’s “Hawaiian Party,” as reported by Distractify.

The pair seemed to confirm the rumors that they were together when they posted identical pictures on their Instagram. In fact, Ethan had even confirmed he was dating in a YouTube video titled: “Addressing assumptions about us.”

In the video, Ethan admitted he was in a committed relationship. However, the social media influencer did not give more details surrounding his dating life.

On the other hand, Grayson appears to be single. He was previously linked with Elizabeth Seward. Several fans were convinced that Elizabeth and Grayson were dating after they were spotted together. However, the pair never confirmed this. At the moment, it looks like Grayson is enjoying his single life.

YouTube – Because victory cheers

YouTube – Because victory cheers

Why did the twins quit YouTube?

In January 2021, the Dolan twins confirmed they will no longer be making YouTube videos. The pair made this shocking announcement on their podcast Deeper With The Dolan Twins.

The episode was titled We’re Moving On From YouTube. In it, the twins revealed they decided to quit YouTube as the pressure of making videos was affecting their mental health.


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