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Kevin Campbell told the Highbury Squad Podcast that Arsenal need to ‘stop crying’ over Emiliano Martinez’s transfer to Aston Villa.

Nearly 12 months after Arsenal sold Martinez to Villa for £20 million, they are now looking to buy a shot-stopper for more than that amount.

The Bizarre Stadium That BANKRUPTED A Football Club

The Bizarre Stadium That BANKRUPTED A Football Club

Rumours have been circulating that the Gunners are looking to bring in Sheffield United’s, Aaron Ramsdale, and may have to pay upwards of £30 million for his talents.

Given that Ramsdale isn’t in the same league as Martinez, from a quality perspective, it has resulted in many Arsenal fans referring make to their decision to sell the Copa America winner last summer.

But Arsenal legend, Campbell, wants that talk to stop and he passionately urged supporters to get over that sale now.

“Can we have one caveat,” asked Campbell. “The previous goalkeeper doesn’t get a mention.

“He’s gone. He has gone! No, but he’s gone, so let’s not even talk about him. They (the fans) were upset at the time, but it has happened and it has gone.

“Let it go. Move on. Here we are a year later. But it isn’t (part of the narrative of Arsenal now trying to buy Ramsdale for double the price).

“It’s gone. It’s a year gone. Leno beat him out (to that number one spot). It’s that simple. He did because he got the number one, so let’s not talk about a player who is not at our football club. I am not erasing history.

“There’s no point in crying over spilt milk like we have done already last season.”

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Arsenal selling Martinez will haunt those in the Emirates boardroom until they have a player who can either match the Argentine or he starts producing error-prone performances.

Mikel Arteta was in a difficult situation when he sold Martinez because, at the time, Leno, along with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang had been Arsenal’s best player.

So, either way, it was going to be a difficult call and it’s one that is now biting the club on the back.

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