Fans had been eagerly waiting for Blueface VS Kane Trujillo (Neumane). With the BKFC 19 fight finally taking place on July 23, everyone is curious to find out who won.

Lately, matches between rappers, influencers, celebrities, and others have become a common occurrence. Keeping this in mind, it did not come as a shock that Blueface decided to jump on this opportunity. The fight between the rapper and the TikTok star comes months after social media saw TikTok vs YouTube fight.

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Who won the Blueface vs Kane Trujillo (Neumane) fight?

Blueface won against Kane (Neumane). The TikTok tar started the fight strong and was not afraid to land some punches on the rapper. Unfortunately, Blueface seemed to have an upper hand in this fight.

As the TikTok star took some hits, he struggled to find an opening where he could take his aim. Despite this, throughout the fight, Naumane made sure he did not give up.

The first two rounds seemed to make it certain that the rapper would be crowned as the winner. As the final round came near, the winner was almost confirmed.

The last round ended with Neumane trying to get some hits before the fight came to an end. However, Blueface did not give many openings. Even though the rapper took home the win, the young TikTok star managed to prove his dedication.

Everything we know about the TikTok star

Kane, who previously went by the username Neumane, gained a large fan following on TikTok by creating comedic sketches. Now, the content creator goes by @kane on the platform. He has over 2.9 million followers on the platform with millions of views on every video that he creates.

Often, Kane uses TikTok to re-enact certain situations. Some o his popular videos include: “Me coming home after failing out of college,” “Me hyping up my dad’s apartment after the divorce,” and others.

On June 26, Kane even took to the platform to share a video alongside Blueface to confirm they would be fighting. Since then, the TikTok star has shared multiple posts which show his practice sessions.

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Rapper opens up about the fight

Even though some might think that the fight between Blueface and Kane is a fun event, the rapper assured everyone that is taking the entire thing seriously.

Talking to TMZ, the rapper admitted he had never done boxing. He said: “I never boxed. I’m a gang member, so I just fight a lot.”

Speaking about the effort he is putting in, Blueface said: “I’ve only been eating grilled and baked stuff lately. Yeah, I’m on a diet and everything. I ain’t been smoking, drinking, nothing.”

Recently, the rapper also released a song titled TikTok. The song has already received thousands of views.

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