Former Rangers star Colin Hendry has won the Premier League, captained his country at a World Cup and played in the Champions League for Blackburn Rovers – but the former Scotland skipper admits there’s nothing comes close to an Old Firm game.

Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk | Official Fight Trailer

Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk | Official Fight Trailer

Hendry played in some massive games during his career as he won titles on both sides of Hadrian’s Wall and insists the Rangers v Celtic clashes are the “biggest game in Britain.”

The Old Firm will meet for the first time this season in a few weeks with fans around the world tuning in and Hendry thinks that once people sample it for themselves then they understand just how big a game it is.

“Pressure, absolute pressure. That’s the biggest domestic game of football I’ve played in,” Hendry told the Rangers Review.

“The biggest game in Britain is played in Scotland. Everybody knows that but trying to make people in England understand is difficult. The people that have been to this game will understand it.

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“The people that go to Glasgow and see the size of the football clubs get it, but the people that haven’t then they’re still living in their own wee world.”

While plenty of rivalries want to stake a claim to being the biggest or fiercest in the world, there are few anywhere that hold a candle to the Old Firm.

Fans in England have no idea what a rivalry is when comparing the best they have to offer with Rangers v Celtic.

There’s nothing in England that stops the entire country for a day and sees people with little interest in football know that it’s derby day.

There are a few around the world that can make the argument but when it comes to British derby games, there’s nothing that comes close to the Old Firm.

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