Fans think Bryce Hall is bisexual after TikTok star is spotted kissing Ari Aguirre

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Bryce Hall has sparked speculation around his sexuality as many think he is bisexual after he was spotted kissing Ari Aguirre. These rumors come months after some thought Bryce might be gay and had a boyfriend.

The TikTok star had previously made headlines for his relationship with Addison Rae. Bryce and Addison often spoke about their relationship on social media. Unfortunately, a couple of months ago, their relationship came to an end. Now, Bryce is being linked with other influencers like Ari and Riley Hubatka. As of now, Bryce has not confirmed any new relationships.

Picture of Bryce Hall kissing Ari Aguirre goes viral

On July 23, Bryce was pictured kissing Ari during their outing. It is unclear who snapped the picture. However, Tana Mongeau, who had been present during their outing, reacted to the image on her Twitter.

She captioned the picture as: “I turn my back for 1-second HAHAHAHAHA.” To add to this, Ari had also shared an Instagram story in which he referred to Bryce as his “boyfriend.”

In the video, Bryce can be heard saying: “Remember when we kissed.” To this, Ari replies: “Oh, it happened?” Following this, Bryce replies: “Yes.” Due to the picture and the video, fans seem certain that Bryce might be bisexual.

This speculation comes weeks after Bryce had shared a Vlog where he kissed guys.

Fans speculate if TikTok star is bisexual

Many fans seem convinced that Bryce might be bisexual due to the recent events. However, Bryce had seemingly denied this while reacting to his Vlog where he kissed other guys.

In the video, Bryce said: “On a side note, I kissed 10 dudes for my last Vlog and it flopped.” When Bryce is asked why he did it, the TikTok star says: “I am never doing it again cause obviously it doesn’t get views. I guess I have to kiss Riley. I still have to do that. In the next video, we will kiss Riley.”

It is possible that Bryce and Ari knew that they were being photographed and decided to play a prank on the reporters. As of now, Bryce has not commented on the pictures.

Ari (Instagram Stories)

Is Bryce Hall dating anyone?

At the moment, it appears Bryce is single. Previously, fans had speculated that Bryce was dating Riley after the pair came together for several TikTok videos.

Fans noticed that the duo had been creating a lot of content together. Their speculation grew stronger when Bryce was spotted kissing a girl at a club. Several users speculated that the girl Bryce kissed was Riley. However, it has never been confirmed. As of now, rumors about them dating is just a buzz on social media.

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