EXO-Ls are having a meltdown over EXO Xiumin aka Kim Minseok expressing how much EXO members mean to him. Plus, the K-pop idol also revealed who happens to be his best friend in the K-pop super act.

In a new show ‘Along With The Gods’ (alternate translation ‘Drink With The Gods’) season 2, Xiumin has returned as a host along with famous South Korean television personalities including Shin Dong-yeop, Sung Si-kyung, and Lee Yong-jin. In the latest YouTube episode of the show, Xiumin opens up about the behind the scene chemistry between the EXO members and shares getting a special gift from his EXO best friend.

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Who is Xiumin’s best friend in EXO?

In the latest episode of ‘Along With The Gods’ season 2, the hosts ask Xiumin about his best friend in the entertainment industry. To which Xiumin candidly shared, the person I can give my all to is ‘all EXO members.’ The hosts quipped hearing the answer, “Aren’t you giving too much? You have a lot of members,” and Xiumin supplied, “still, I should!”

Xiumin got a special gift from EXO maknae Sehun

Xiumin never fails to talk about his love for Sehun and flaunting his birthday gift. The K-pop artist playfully reveals that among the EXO members, he gets along with Sehun the most. Speaking of the maknae (youngest) of the group, Xiumin shows the gold necklace that he got from Sehun as a birthday gift.

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EXO-Ls emotional over Xiumin’s love for EXO members

EXO-Ls got pretty emotional after the YouTube video aired as they took it to Twitter to share, everyone deserves a best friend like Xiumin. A fan swooned, “Xiumin happily showing the 24K gold necklace he received as a gift from Sehun on his birthday whenever he has a chance to. You can easily tell how he really treasures this necklace!”

Another EXO-L asked for all, “where can i get a best friend like xiumin!” A fan shared facts writing, “Being born as an eldest, Xiumin takes his roles seriously. He said in his interview, carrying his group’s name makes him more accountable & careful of his image. In a world where many abuse their fame & power, we need more like him who values the responsibilities that go with it.”

Watch the episode below.

Xiumin shares comeback plans

In a recent Singles magazine interview, Xiumin shared his wish to have a solo debut soon. The K-pop crooner sneakily revealed that he is already working on his solo project but for now, EXO-Ls have to wait to get more details!

EXO released their much-awaited comeback album ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’ on June 7, 2021. Stream the title track of the album below.

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