A video of TikTok user named James Reynolds recently went viral online after viewers noticed his distinct resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Meet the actor’s lookalike online as we explore his newly found TikTok fame along with his Instagram feed, Snapchat account and more!

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Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike goes viral on TikTok

@cody_the_prodigy uploaded a video onto TikTok showing his co-worker with the caption reading:

“This guy looks like leonardo dicaprio”

Cody paired the footage with the song ‘My Heart Will Go On’, used in the Titanic soundtrack, further indicating his resemblance to Jack Dawson, AKA Leo.

Having been shared on 17th July 2021, the video gained over 10 million views in only a day and a half and now has over 22.4 million views in total along with 4.5 million likes and a comment section filled with shock and praise.

Cody then morphed his co-worker’s face with Leonardo DiCaprio in another TikTok upload.


smash the LIKE and FOLLOW buttons if you want James and I to make videos! #james #leonardo #titanic #fypシ #funn #lookalikes

♬ feeling – Official Sound Studio

Amongst many other users recognising the familiarity, @sabygrose commented:

“All features are sorta similar but the main similarity are the eyesss omg”

Referred to as James, the Leo lookalike then shockingly reacted to the footage having had no idea that it had blown up online.

Who is James Reynolds?

Cody then followed up his viral video with an update on the situation.

The creator explained that James is his relatively new co-worker whom he has worked alongside for only a couple of weeks.

After Cody pointed out his uncanny resemblance to movie star Leonardo DiCaprio, James admitted that he had received the comment a couple of times.

While previously stating that he is unaware of James’ social media handles, he eventually provided a TikTok username!

@0jamesleo0 now has over 950 followers and more than 8,000 likes.

On 20th July 2021, James first uploaded a collection of images of himself.

After many requests, James uploaded a video expressing his gratitude regarding the online feedback.

Speaking upon the apparent resemblance between him and Leonardo DiCaprio, the creator admitted that he admires Leo as a great actor and loves the movie Titanic.

When asked about becoming famous around the world, the creator explained that having hit very fast he is still getting used to online exposure.

@0jamesleo0 continued to state:

“…it feels kinda nice to be acknowledged.”

Meet the doppelgänger on Instagram

Over on Instagram, @james_23_reynolds currently has over 480 followers.

The Leo lookalike’s bio describes him as single, 24-years-old and located in Ohio.

Reynolds shared a TikTok video onto the ‘gram, comparing images of his younger self to recent photos which appear to resemble Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Amongst all the lookalike content, James has uploaded a series of selfies.

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Photographs from his trips with friends can also be found throughout his feed.

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The creator shared a TikTok video listing qualities he looks for in a woman in response to a question.

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What’s more? Check out the movie star doppelgänger on his newly-created Snapchat with the username @jamesleo408.

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