Kate Beckinsale is letting her anger run riot in new action-thriller Jolt for Amazon Prime, helmed by American director Tanya Wexler.

Jolt follows bouncer Lindy who is in serious need of some anger management, as she is forced to wear an electric vest which shocks her every time she sees red.

The premise sounds like a lot of fun for fans of high-octane action in need of a stress reliever, and Jolt was filmed in two, key locations around urban landscapes to bring Lindy’s rampage to life.

Jolt | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Jolt | Official Trailer | Prime Video

London, England

Jolt was primarily filmed in England and Bulgaria, with principle shooting beginning in July, 2019.

Most of the film’s exterior scenes were filmed in and around London city, including a few interior sequences and panoramic shots. The city is a popular place to film Hollywood features, and has been the backdrop to many franchises including Harry Potter.

Some of the filming took place in one of the older parts of the city in London Borough of Southwark, and London Borough of Ealing was also used for various scenes.

It was noted that the crew visited the suburban expanse of Greenford in London Borough of Ealing, which is situated on the outskirts of town.

Key scenes were filmed in the Tate Modern art gallery in Bankside, which should be instantly recognizable for British citizens.

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Sofia, Bulgaria

In order to be more cost-effective with their budget, the crew used the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia, to shoot many of Jolt’s interior shots.

The Nu Boyana Film Studios, native to Bulgaria, was a primary filming location for the production, where many scenes were shot using the various sound stages and the backlot of the studios. 

Bulgaria has been used many times as a cheaper filming location, with features like 300: Rise of an Empire, The Black Dahlia and the horror film Wrong Turn opting to use the European county’s facilities.

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