Pita Taufatofua has returned for the opening ceremony of Tokyo Olympics 2020 after he first found global fame at Rio in 2016. His fans wonder whether he is married.

Back in 2016, the Tongan athlete became a viral sensation after he marched with his island nation’s flag-bearer, shirtless and covered in coconut oil.

He returned for the Tokyo Olympics 2020, sparking the interest of the public to find more information about him.

So, does Pita Taufatofua have a wife? Here’s what he said about his private life.

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Who is Pita Taufatofua?

Pita is a taekwondo practitioner, skier and canoeist. The 37-year-old was born in Australia to an Australian mother and Tongan father.

Despite his fame as an athlete, he doesn’t come from a family of sportspeople. His father has a PhD in agricultural science, while his mother works as a sanitation consultant.

Pita, who currently lives in Australia, is an engineer and serves as an ambassador for UNICEF.

He also appeared as the flag-bearer at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games.

Photo by Hannah McKay – Pool/Getty Images

Does he have a wife? Is he married?

Pita doesn’t have a wife and isn’t married as of 2021, according to what he said in previous interviews. The Tongan athlete has repeatedly told news outlets that he is single.

In a 2018 interview with The Daily Mail, Pita explained that he prefers to keep his private life away from the spotlight but joked that he is “married to sport”.

“Am I single? Well… I’m married to sport,” he said. “The sport always takes everything. But I have got to keep my private life private and protect others too.

“I am actually quite a private person…there’s a lot of stuff that I keep private. I am just a regular guy, an ordinary person who has one thing a little different, but that anybody else can have.”

In August 2016, the athlete confirmed that he was single, telling 9 News: “I’m single. No wife, no girlfriend.”

Meet Pita on Instagram

Keen social media users would agree that the best way to keep up with someone’s personal and professional life is through their online platforms.

Pita has already amassed 10,000 more followers since the opening ceremony of Tokyo Olympics 2020 on Friday.

You can find on Instagram under the handle @pita_tofua.

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