New Netflix film Blood Red Sky brings horror to a hijacked aircraft, helmed by German director Peter Thorwarth.

Scottish actor Graham McTavish joins Peri Baumeister and Prison Break’s Dominic Purcell in a thrilling feature surrounding a woman’s mysterious illness and the lengths she will go to to protect her son against terrorists.

Despite being primarily shot within an aircraft, locations around the Czech Republic were used in various scenes, as well as the primary Prague studio location.

Blood Red Sky | Official Trailer | Netflix

Blood Red Sky | Official Trailer | Netflix

Where was Blood Red Sky Filmed?

  • Blood Red Sky was primarily filmed in the city of Prague, the capital of the Czech Repbulic.

According to the Czech Film Commission, the Zličín studios played host to the majority of filming.

Within the studio, a model aircraft was built to capture most of the film’s action, which would have aided the scenario’s realism for the actors as well.

Filming on the project began on March 2nd, 2020 before the Covid-19 pandemic forced production to be halted until July.

In September 2020, the Prague set was temporarily closed for a handful because of an extra who tested positive for Covid-19 before filming was able to conclude on September 22nd.


As well as shooting in Prague, Blood Red Sky’s film crew used multiple locations across the Czech Republic including Brno, Smilkov, Kouty, Heřmaničky and Arnoštovice.

Additionally, some filming also took place in the neighbouring countries of Slovakia and Germany with the cities of Poprad, Leipzig, Düsseldorf and Cologne all featuring according to the film’s credits while some landscape shots were also filmed in Scotland using drones.

On top of the scenes on the plane itself, much of Blood Red Sky takes place at airports and four airports were used during production including Brno, Leipzig, Düsseldorf and Poprad.


Blood Red Sky Release Date and Plot Details

  • Blood Red Sky will release on Friday, July 23 on Netflix.

Also known as Transatlantic 473 whilst shooting in Prague, Thorwarth penned the script with German writer Stefan Holtz, brainstorming the idea on a long flight back to the US.

Shot in German and English, Blood Red Sky pits Purcell and Alexander Scheer’s hijackers against Baumeister’s vampiric illness.

When you think you know everything from the offset, writers Holtz and Thorwarth show their masterful skill when the film’s mystery is dialled up to 10, promising an exciting, blood-curdling flight from start to finish.

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