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Some Liverpool fans on Twitter have spotted a clue that an announcement of some description may possibly be on the way.

A bunch of eagle-eyed supporters of the Anfield club have noticed that the Reds have unpinned a tweet from their timeline.

This generally happens when the club are preparing to announce something, so that they can pin that instead.

And here’s how some Liverpool fans reacted on social media:

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7 Transfers You Might Have Missed During Euro 2020
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Could it be a transfer?

Well, it could be, but it could also be a number of other things.

Yes, Liverpool are linked to signing a bunch of players – including Jarrod Bowen now after Wednesday’s report from The Athletic.

But remember, the Merseysiders also have quite a lot of players waiting to get new contracts.

Mo Salah, Fabinho and Alisson are just three big-name players who are heavily expected to sign new deals in the very near future.

Considering that their last pinned tweet – the one removed – was about pre-season fixtures, that illustrates that it may not even be anything as exciting as a new signing or contract extension.

But the mystery and hope is exciting in itself and it’ll be interesting to see if Liverpool do indeed announce something today at some point.

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