Monsta X Shownu’s military enlistment date is here and right before leaving for the military, the K-pop star sent an emotional message for fans while also revealing his buzzcut hair. Touched fans took it to Twitter to trend ‘See you again Shownu’.

Shownu, the 29-year-old K-pop vocalist and main dancer of Monsta X previously addressed fans through a fan cafe message on July 10 where he wrote, “I will be taking a brief hiatus starting July 22 as I fulfill my duty to the nation. It feels like I just debuted, but now it’s already time to serve in the military.”

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MONSTA X Shownu sends an emotional message before leaving for military

Shownu aka Son Hyun-woo will be enlisting in the military on July 22nd and serve as a public service worker due to his previous surgery for left eye retinal detachment. Before leaving for military training, Shownu took it to Twitter to send a farewell message to Monbebes.

He revealed his ‘buzzcut’ and wrote ‘I’ll be back.’ He assured fans writing, “It’ll be short so you don’t have to worry!” and added, “Don’t cry babe Okay, I’ll always be healthy, I love you too, I’ll see you soon!”

Monsta X fans have deciphered the meaning of the picture that he shared along with the message. A fan wrote, “so by korean tradition/metaphor the shoes, shownu posted on fc is referring to mbbs waiting for him to return from the military. and this man really said dont cry babe. like i’m gonna weep and sob and cry an entire ocean for you, this sweet, sweet man!”

Monsta X shares group pictures with Shownu on Twitter

Shownu also shared group pictures with Monsta X on Twitter writing, “With the promise that we will meet together again, I’ll enter in good health and be back. I’ll come back looking even more mature and cool. Thank you!”

Touched Monbebes trend ‘See you again Shownu’ on Twitter

Shownu has been the heart of Monsta X since the group’s debut in 2015. His fancafe updates have brought joy to many, hence the K-pop artist leaving prompted the fandom to trend multiple hashtags on Twitter with heartwarming messages.

A fan wrote, “I just.. I know shownu’s gonna update us, but I’ll miss seeing him and I’m sad. and he keeps saying the most lovely, funny, sweet things, reassuring us and being the best. we LOVE you and we’ll see you soon. BYE.”

Another Monbebe tweeted, “we’ll miss you on stage performing and being active within the industry but we’ll #SeeYouAgainShownu!” Speaking of ‘I’ll Be There’ crooner, a fan shared, “You know, Shownu is like a safe place for everyone so if he won’t be here for 2 years, his shadow is always with us!”

Monsta X will be next seen performing for Tokyo Olympics special K-pop concert ‘We All Are One’ On August 7. Know all about it here.