Kevin Gates and Renni Rucci’s relationship rumours surfaced online after they released their new song. However, the two are not together in real life!

Kevin, whose name is Kevin Jerome Gilyard, and Renni have debuted the video of their latest single.

In recent months, they released a couple of songs together such as ‘At’ and ‘Hands On Ya Knees’.

However, after the premiere of their new single, it didn’t take long for fans to make wrong assumptions about their personal life.

Kevin/Renni – Boat to Virginia, WORLDSTARHIPHOP

Kevin Gates and Renni Rucci are not dating

Let’s set the record straight – Kevin and Renni are not together. Their relationship is only professional.

The duo have joined forces for the video of their new single, ‘Boat to Virginia’, where they star as two love interests.

Their characters spend a day out together as they take a boat to Virginia, enjoy the warm weather and go shopping, which is what fictional couples acting in movies, TV shows or music videos do.

In rea life, Kevin is married and has been together with his wife Dreka for a long time.

Some fans have slammed the wrong speculations that surfaced online, with one writing: “It’s crazy how y’all don’t understand music. Just like movies. People act in videos and films. These comments doing too much.”

Meanwhile, another fan joked: “I know it’s just a music video but I don’t like seeing him next to anyone but Dreka.”

Other fans have shared similar comments on YouTube and Instagram as many are protective of the singer’s relationship with Dreka.

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Meet Dreka Gates – Kevin’s wife

The singer and rapper is married to Dreka Gates.

The couple tied the knot in 2015 and have welcomed two children together, Islah and Khaza.

According to The Netline, Dreka works as Kevin’s booking manager: “Dreka continues her stellar work as Kevin’s booking manager up to today.”

Speaking about his wife, Kevin told Everyday Struggle:

“I’m gonna be honest with y’all, I wouldn’t be where I’m at life if it wasn’t for this woman. She has built me. Without a strong woman in your corner, a man lacks stability. He’s handicapped.”

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Dreka is a star on Instagram

Dreka is famous in her own right as she has a massive fan base on her Instagram account.

She currently has 2.6 million followers on the social media platform.

Dreka launched her own online shop, called after her first name ‘DREKA’, where she sells products for self-care and wellness.

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