Rapper Belly has released his new song entitled Better Believe featuring The Weeknd and Young Thug.

The music industry never sleeps.

Every now and then a singer/rapper drops a new song or album that creates buzz all over the internet. The latest trending artist and online buzz creator is rapper Belly.

The Palestinian-Canadian singer dropped his new song Better Believe on July 22, merely hours after announcing it. And guess what! It features The Weeknd and Young Thug.

Fans are over the moon with this song and are growing curious about the singer.

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A look at the rapper’s life

Belly was born in Jenin in the Palestinian West Bank, a region mired by conflict and violence. He was raised in Ottawa, Canada, where he arrived when he was 7. 

Although Belly has become a prominent name in the music industry in the past few years, the rapper has been around for much longer.

The 37-year-old musician distinguished himself as a rapper, singer/songwriter, who had endured cultural displacement and poverty. His experiences as an immigrant in Canada further fuelled his music as he pours his stories into the lyrics of his song.

He became a breakthrough artist in 2007, in his early 20s after his debut LP The Revolution, topped the Canadian Top 30 charts.

Pursuing music from his teenage years, at twenty-one, the future star debuted his mixtape, Death Before Dishonor: Vol. 1.

Thanks to his successful music career the rapper has exceeded the limits of what an immigrant artist can achieve in the world of music.

Belly, whose real name is Ahmad Balshe found fulfilment in his personal life too. He is currently engaged to the resident doctor and Columbia University alum Dina Rabadi.

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Rapper’s Better Believe song with The Weeknd explored

While we still have to wait and see how Better Believe performs in the USA and worldwide but the song has mustered a lot of praise already.

The music video has mustered over 600,000 views on YouTube in merely a few hours. The song starts with The Weeknd singing the hard-hitting first verse, with Belly taking over the mid part.

Young Thug lends his voice for verse 3. Better Believe is the fourth single for See You Next Wednesday. Although its release was delayed, it was recorded in 2020 after the production of The Weeknd’s album After Hours.

The lyrics see the artists singing about their success and status in the industry.

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A look at his music career

Despite finding success in the big bad world of music in 2007, it took another two years for Belly to find a high profile collaboration. His single Hot Girl featuring Snoop Dogg was released on 8 September 2009.

His 2011 single Back Against the Wall featured Grammy Award-nominated singer Kobe Honeycutt.

Since then he has collaborated with artists the likes of Travis Scott, French Montana, and The Weeknd. Finally, in 2015 he was signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label, opening doors for the rapper to enter the big leagues and the rest is history.

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