Music lovers aren’t new to collaboration between K-Pop idols and western musicians. Fans are now wondering if Bella Poarch and Blackpink will be collaborating as the South Korean girl band members were spotted hanging with the TikToker. 

Although, for quite some time there have been speculations around Bella Poarch and Blackpink coming together for a project, it is yet to be known what they have in store for fans if rumors are to be believed. 

“Will Bella Poarch and Blackpink Collab?” ask fans 

Twitter went wild today, July 21, after pictures of Bella with the members of Blackpink started swirling on the internet. 

The viral pictures show the influencer roaming about with Rose and Jennie. In a few, they are even seen entering a building together. But we couldn’t tell if it’s a hotel or a studio, considering why they could be together. 

Only a few days ago, speculations were rife that Olivia Rodrigo was collaborating with Blackpink after the singer was spotted dining with Rose. Spotted with them were director Petra Collins and stylist Devon Carlson. But, neither commented on the rumors. 

Twitter thinks it could be a TikTik Collab

While many are thrilled to see the singers from two parts of the world come together, thus giving them hopes of creating new music together, a few have expressed different opinions. 

Twitter users were quick to point out that the Blackpink members and Bella could have met up for a TikTok video too, and not necessarily create a song or work on an album. This is also owing to Bella’s popularity on the video sharing app.

Nevertheless, the excitement remains the same as watching Bella and Blackpink share a screen is a dream come true for the majority of the fans. 

And, a couple of them have opined that their collaboration would be better if its only limited to a TikTok video. 

TikToker is “obsessed” with the K-Pop band!

Much before Bella was seen hanging with the Blackpink members and fans began speculating a collab, she had openly expressed her admiration for the band.

She reportedly said, “My dream collaboration is ROSÉ and I love K-Pop and I love BLACKPINK. I’m obsessed”

Bella has even made TikTok videos which shows her singing to Blackpink and Selena Gomez’s Ice Cream.

Meanwhile, only time can tell us if the above rumors are true.

BLACKPINK: LIGHT UP THE SKY | Official Trailer | Netflix

BLACKPINK: LIGHT UP THE SKY | Official Trailer | Netflix

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