As soon as we near the end of a binge-worthy series on Netflix those same thoughts return – when’s the next one? So, what time does Netflix release new series? Let’s take a look.

The addition of timezones makes things more complicated. Then you find a website leaking spoilers of the series you haven’t watched yet or end up on another that tells you watching television is dissolving your brain.

The release of weekly episodes can be just as stressful for 200 million Netflix subscribers, especially when timezones are involved. You can find yourself missing the latest episode of Riverdale, muting your family group chat or boycotting Twitter after fans are left in despair after the director kills off their favourite character. Don’t tell me!

But fear not. We’ll try to clear it up for you while looking at new and returning Netflix originals set to release this year.

Still from Bridgerton, Shondaland, IMDb

What time does Netflix release new series, does it differ between countries?

Netflix states its new shows and films are generally released globally at midnight Pacific Time – the timezone Netflix HQ is located in.

In London, that equates to 8am, which is why many of us grab a coffee to make sure we don’t miss a new episode.

On the other hand, midnight Pacific Time equates to 5pm in Australia, so you may be reaching for your first beer of the day instead!

Why are some shows shown in one country first?

Despite series being dropped at the same time globally, some series that air their episodes weekly might release their episode a day earlier in one country than another.

For example, one of Netflix’s most popular originals, Riverdale, might air on a Tuesday night in the US but only become available the next day in the UK because of different timezones. There’s nothing anyone can do about that!

New releases to keep an eye on this year

Series coming up on Netflix this year include the trilogy of young-adult rom-com The Kissing Booth and much-awaited series 3 of comedy Sex Education. I binge-watched series two in eight hours with my flatmates and instantly regretted it. Otis and Maeve you have been truly missed during the past year.

While the third series of American psychological thriller You hasn’t had a release date confirmed, Netflix said it should be out in the latter months of this year.

Stranger Things season 3 2019 (21 Laps Entertainment, Monkey Massacre, Netflix 2019)

Return of record-breaking series

Stranger Things and Bridgerton are two of the most popular originals on Netflix and both are set to release a new series soon.

Bridgerton aired last Christmas at the height of the second wave of covid-19. With families separated and countries exhausted from restrictions and social distancing; no wonder the series broke viewing records.

“I think the show really provides an incredible escape for audiences at a time where that’s exactly what’s needed,” said Chris Van Dusen, creator of the steamy love story.

Netflix released viewing figures stating Shonda Rhimes’ first series for the streaming service was officially its biggest episodic TV debut in history, reaching 82 million households within its first month of release.

Despite setbacks of production due to covid, the cast of Bridgerton were spotted filming this spring. Rumours are the second series will be released in 2022, along with a fourth series of sci-fi horror Stranger Things.

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