While Marvel has been the king of the big screen in recent years, DC’s Arrowverse has found its own success on the small screen.

Series such as The Flash have led the way for DC on The CW but on July 20th, the show’s seventh season came to an end.

As a result, fans have wasted no time in asking if The Flash will return for season 8, what might happen and when it will be released.

The Flash | Heart | Season Trailer | The CW

The Flash | Heart | Season Trailer | The CW

Season 7 finale recap

Season 7 of The Flash concluded on July 20th with Heart of the Matter Part 2.

The episode saw a culmination of the season’s main conflict as Team Flash – including Barry Allen’s children from the future, Bart and Nora – finally have the strength to take on August Heart (aka Godspeed) and his army of drones.

Godspeed will only stop his attack if Barry Allen agrees to give him organic speed and after being initially reluctant, Barry eventually bows to the demands.

Unsurprisingly, Heart goes back on his word but just as he’s about to launch another attack, The Flash’s old adversary Eobard Thawne arrives to stop Godspeed from killing Barry as he wants to carry out the act himself.

Barry is able to fight off Thawne’s attack but the villain flees to fight another day while Heart is sent to Iron Heights and Kristen Kramer learns that she is actually a metahuman despite her previous prejudice against them.

Season 7 ends with Barry and Iris renewing their wedding vows, giving Iris the wedding she always wanted.

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Will The Flash return for season 8

  • Yes, The Flash was renewed by The CW for season 8 back in February.

That’s right, the DC series was actually renewed for another instalment before a single episode of season 7 had begun airing.

Season 8’s release date was confirmed in June with The CW announcing that the new batch of episodes will begin airing from November 16th, 2021.

The upcoming season will begin with a special five-episode event before signing off for its traditional winter hiatus.

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Season 8 plot and cast details

Following the season 7 finale, The Flash left several plot points dangling that will make the perfect jumping-on point for season 8.

The Flash showrunner, Eric Wallace, spoke to Deadline ahead of the season 7 finale to discuss what comes next for the series and teased the exploration of new romances, a new Arrowverse villain as well as some “very unexpected” special guests when the show returns in November.

Iris’s time sickness will reportedly play a big part in season 8’s early episodes as will Kristen Kramer following the reveal that she is a metahuman.

However, while fans have that to look forward to, series veterans Carlos Valdes and Tom Cavanagh – who played Cisco Ramon and Harrison Wells respectively – will not be returning as season 7 marked their final appearances on The Flash. Any new arrivals for season 8 have yet to be announced.

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Season 7 of The Flash concluded on July 20th while season 8 is due to premiere on The CW on November 16th, 2021.

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