Stray Kids fans have been waiting for an official OT8 Vlive after Hwang Hyunjin returned from hiatus and finally, it happened! Overjoyed Stays took it to Twitter to fawn over the group reuniting as eight members and how happy Hyunjin looks in the live session.

Hwang Hyunjin’s ‘official comeback’ happened with Stray Kids’ latest track ‘Mixtape: OH’. The Stray Kids superstar has also started interacting with fans over Bubble in the past few weeks, but getting a Vlive as OT8 in the group’s third-anniversary hit ‘different’ as Stays started flooding Twitter with heart-touching messages.

Stays swoon over Hwang Hyunjin in Stray Kids and OT8 Vlive

As soon as the OT8 Vlive started, Stays went on a frenzy over the chaotic live session. From Hyunjin’s ‘brightest laughter’ to Felix copying him by wearing glasses, Stays justifiably went on a live meltdown. A fan summed up the Vlive saying, “the fact that we also saw hyunjin live after 5 months since his last vlive heard his voice his laugh again makes me so emotional!”

Another fan stated facts saying, “can we all agree that he has the brightest laugh?” Another emo tweet read, “everytime he laughs my heart squeezes inwards I MISSED HYUNJIN SO MUCH!” A fan shared, “Stray Kids OT8 Vlive: Hwang Hyunjin radiating pure happiness! Our sunshine!”

What happened in Stray Kids OT8 Vlive?

For those of you who might have missed the OT8 Stray Kids Vlive, here are a couple of threads by Stays to catch you up on the most cherished thirty minutes of the day. From I.N softly asking Hyunjin to make him another beads bracelet to Bang Chan lost in his own world, Stray Kids Vlives never have a dull moment to spare!

Stray Kids making new Billboard History

Stray Kids, deemed as the fourth generation K-pop superstars have been dominating music charts right from their debut. But the K-pop act broke their own previous record in July first week with their new track ‘Mixtape : OH’ debuting at No. 1 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart.

Billboard congratulated JYP artists tweeting, “@Stray_Kids’ “Mixtape : OH” debuts at No. 1 on this week’s #WorldDigitalSongSales chart. It earns the group its 26th career entry on the chart and first No. 1.”

Stream the single below.

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