The Overwatch Summer Games 2021 have begun, and fans are desperate to get the Poolside Ashe skin as well as Sprinkles Mei. Not for the love of bikinis and splash guns, but rather because of inflatable flamingos and all things sweet.

There are eight new looks for the Summer Games 2021 and three of them are weekly challenge rewards: Ocean King Winston, Sunset Pharah, and Nihon Hanzo. These also come with emotes and sprays.

Although Sunset Pharah is nowhere near as bewitching as the Egyptian playing the role of a Lifeguard, all of the legendary cosmetics are – thankfully – much better.

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant – Worldwide Reveal

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant – Worldwide Reveal

How to get the Overwatch Ashe summer skin

You get the Ashe summer skin in Overwatch in loot boxes or by spending 3,000 credits.

The Deadlock gang leader was recently blessed with an amazing attire based on her Deadlock Rebels novel. While that outfit was stunning thanks to the red jacket and long curly hair, her beach-themed garb is even better.

Not only does she wow in a bikini with pink highlights in her hair and a hat to protect her pale skin from sunburn, but it also comes with a B.O.B who has an inflatable flamingo on his head.

Mei Sprinkles skin

The Mei Sprinkles summer skin is another Legendary outfit found in loot boxes or, again, by spending 3,000 credits. Just so you know, all the Legendary attires cost this much.

Blizzard’s curvy doctor has always been a fan-favourite, but now she’s even more voluptuous thanks to rocking blonde curls in an ice cream employee’s outfit. It comes with a bow tie, cute hat, and sprinkles on her socks, and it also has tasty dessert stuck to her shoulder.

How to get Overwatch Summer Games 2021 loot boxes

You get Overwatch Summer Games 2021 loot boxes by purchasing them before August 10th.

Below are all of the prices:

  • Two loot boxes – £1.99
  • Five loot boxes – £4.99
  • 11 loot boxes – £8.99
  • 24 loot boxes – £16.99
  • 50+10 bonus loot boxes – £34.99

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