Kanye West confirmed that his 10th album DONDA will be releasing on Friday. Amid this, fans speculated a Nike collab as rapper released teaser for No Child Left Behind. Meanwhile, others questioned Kanye’s Adidas ties with memes.

The speculations around the release of DONDA started after it was revealed that the rapper had a listening party organized. Amid this, there had been chatter around the release of the album. On July 21, Kanye finally confirmed that his 10th studio album will be dropping on July 23. Seeing the teaser, fans are already excited to see what the rapper has in store for them.

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Fans suspect Kanye West X Nike collab

Several fans seemed certain that Kanye is going to have a Nike collab. Rapper’s Instagram photo was the first to spark this rumor. On July 21, Kanye posted series of pictures that gave a glimpse of his upcoming look.

In it, fans noticed that a Nike sock was present. At the same time, his second post seemed to confirm the rumors. Kanye’s song No Child Left Behind was used in Beats ad.

The ad saw Sha’Carri Richardson wearing Nike shoes. Fans were convinced that this was another clue towards a possible collab. As of now, neither Nike nor Kanye have commented on this.

Twitter reacts to collab rumors with Adidas memes

While several suspect a collab, others have been thinking about Kanye’s contract with Adidas. Over the years, the rapper has made millions with his Adidas YEEZY. With that in mind, fans were quick to give rise to memes. we have picked some of the best ones and you can see them below:

DONDA collab rumors explored

As per the people who had attended the alleged listening party, there is a song featuring Lil Baby. Meanwhile, others revealed there was a track featuring Pusha T that was played.

Prior to this, there were rumors that Kanye West might be collaborating with Tyler the Creator as the two had been spotted together. However, as of now, no confirmations regarding these have been made. Fans will have to wait until July 23 to find out what’s in the album.

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