One type of video that never fails to go viral is altercations on planes.

Just last week, a viral video showed a woman being duct-taped to her seat on an American Airlines flight after allegedly attempting to open the forward boarding door.

Back in April, a family was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight as their two-year-old daughter, who was eating a yoghurt at the time, was not wearing a mask.

And a Delta flight attendant went viral and received a huge amount of praise earlier this month after he zip-tied a hijacker who reportedly attempted to break into the cockpit of the plane.

Now, there’s a new plane video that’s taking over the internet, and this one is just as shocking…

Frontier Airlines fight video by @milli_miami on Instagram

Frontier Airlines fight goes viral

On Monday (July 19th) a music artist called Milli Miami shared a shocking video on Instagram that she recorded whilst on a Frontier Airlines flight last week.

The 3-minute clip shows the moment a fight broke out between two passengers who were trying to exit the flight that had just landed in Miami from Philadelphia at around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday (July 18th).

In the footage that was originally posted on TikTok, you can see two men physically fighting in the aisle before the white man wrestles the black man onto the seat and repeatedly throws punches at him.

A flight attendant then appears and tries to break up the brawl, but it continues until the police appear and all passengers have exited the plane.

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What was the fight about?

From the footage, it’s unclear what the brawl was actually about, but Milli revealed more in an interview with Local 10 News.

She revealed that the white passenger was upset because a black man in front of him was taking too long to get his bags out of the overhead lockers, alleging that he used a racial slur before punching him continuously.

“I couldn’t believe what was going on,” she said before claiming that she thought the whole altercation was racially motivated.

“Racism, of course. The black passenger had to wait on the plane when he didn’t even start it, and the police, while we were walking off the plane, walked right past the person, the white man who actually initiated everything,” she continued.

However, Miami-Dade Police told Local 10 News that the Black passenger was not held back, he actually wanted to stay on the plane so that he could file a police report.

According to Local 10 News, he decided not to press charges, so the white passenger who started the brawl was allowed to leave.

Photo by Marco Bello/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Frontier Airlines gives a statement

Frontier Airlines has not publicly commented on the incident on social media, but they did give a statement to Local 10 News.

“Yesterday as a flight from Philadelphia to Miami was deplaning at MIA, a physical altercation broke out among passengers who were towards the back of the aircraft,” they said.

“The flight crew requested law enforcement assistance. All passengers involved were asked to remain on the aircraft however some disregarded the flight crew’s instructions. Ultimately, local law enforcement became involved.”

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