Following the launch of Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin’s spacecraft named New Shepard, viewers can’t help but notice an identical comparison to the rocket shown in Austin Powers.

Discover the hilarious resemblances recognised by Twitter along with the logic behind the laughs as we explore the meaning behind the phallic shape and more!

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Explore resemblance between Austin Powers rocket and Blue Origin’s spacecraft

Billionaire businessman Jeff Bezos recently launched his Blue Origin spacecraft, New Shepard, into its first space trip.

After posting numerous footage onto social media of the rocket ship in preparation for its launch, viewers began to notice a slight resemblance…

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A series of American spy action comedy films, Austin Powers incorporates outrageous plots including sexual references and the use of obscure impressions, inuendos and much more.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999), displays a scene whereby a phallic-shaped rocket is shown to comically represent a penis.

Much like Blue Origin’s ship, the vehicle seems to possess a large head, body and two rounded sections towards the bottom.

Thankfully, a Twitter user shared images of the two rockets alongside one another to make a clear, comedic comparison.

Wondering just why a professional like Jeff Bezos decided to shape his rocket this way? Keep reading!

Discover the logic behind the laughs

Over on the Blue Origin website, New Shepard is described as a reusable suborbital rocket system designed to take astronauts and research payloads past the Kármán line – the internationally recognized boundary of space.

New Shepard is named after Mercury astronaut Alan Shepard, the first American to go to space, and provides an 11-minute flight.

Although at first glance, the spacecraft can appear as a slightly phallic shape, legitimate reasoning lies behind this resemblance…

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When broken down into segments, the design of the rocket holds great scientific logic.

What viewers have described as looking like the ‘head of a penis’, the Crew Capsule is a pressurised component environmentally controlled for comfort.

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With room for six and the largest windows to have flown in space, this section sure does allow the astronauts to settle.

The body of the ship contains Ring & Wedge Fins which are aerodynamically designed to stablize the booster and reduce fuel use upon return to Earth.

Drag Breaks deploy from the ring fin to reduce the booster’s speed.

New Shepard’s Engine plays a vital role by propelling the rocket to space and much more.

Towards the bottom of the spacecraft lies the Aft Fins which stabilize the vehicle during descent and guide the rocket through increasing airspeeds.

While the end of the rocket has been compared to appearing as the shape of testicles, New Shepard’s Landing Gear deploys for touchdown and enables re-use.

Hilarious Twitter reactions to the phallic similarities

Check out some of the hilarious reactions to comparisons made between the two versions of spacecraft on Twitter, below!

Some viewers claimed they were unable to glance at Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket without a reminder of the Austin Powers comedic version.

Others suggested that Austin Powers movies were simply ahead of their time, representing the latest rocket to launch into space.

Some bluntly mistook the spacecraft for a giant d*ck!

Another Twitter user shared a humorous hypothetical conversation between the designers of New Shepard.

Many observers of the launch question whether Bezos intentionally designed his Blue Origin’s rocket using inspiration from Austin Powers.

Head over to Twitter to discover more funny reactions to the Austin Powers rocket comparison!

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