Evident from her tweets, former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has some, erm, strong opinions on Jeff Bezos, to say the least.

Some Twitter users even think Gabbard has been hacked after they read the bitter tweets.

What did Tulsi Gabbard tweet about Jeff Bezos?

News of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin flight has sparked excitement for the many – well, almost.

It appears as though American politician Tulsi Gabbard isn’t chair of the Jeff Bezos fan club after she bizarrely took to Twitter to write a series of controversial tweets.

Initially, Gabbard wrote: “Bezos, please stay up there. Do the world a favor.”

This was then followed with a second tweet, an hour after the first: “The only problem I have with Bezos’ Blue Origin space rocket ship into outer space is that it’s going to come back.”

Prior, Gabbard hadn’t tweeted anything since July 4th.

Twitter reacts to the politcian’s tweets

The tweets have now blown up, with the first receiving over 10k likes, at the time of publishing.

Twitter users aren’t quite sure how to take it – were the tweets meant to be a joke? Has Gabbard been hacked? Does she just really dislike Jeff Bezos? It’s all so unclear!

One confused follower tweeted: “Has someone hacked this account? This isn’t Tulsi that I have been following for last 5 yrs. She doesn’t speak and think in this order.”

Another wrote: “Tulsi, I have been a fan for some time…and I cannot stand Bezos. But I think whoever tweeted this on your behalf does not represent an evolved mindset. You might want to delete this tweet.”

Somebody else took to Twitter to write: “Account been hacked? Unlikely to be Tulsi at 1am HI time.”

“Well… respect for pretty much everything Gabbard has said — until now.”

“I enjoy most of your posts, but this is just bad mojo.”

Jeff Bezos blasts into space

Of course, Gabbard’s tweets follow Jeff Bezos’ venture into space.

The former Amazon CEO lifted off at 14:12 BST in his rocket ship, which was built by his company Blue Origin.

Read more about it here.

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