Several people have been reacting to Martin Walls’s face reveal on TikTok. Sadly, not everyone had a chance to see it.

Martin has thousands of followers, but not everyone has seen his face. Just like several social media personalities, Martin also uses an avatar to interact with his fans. For a long time, fans had been hoping to see the man behind the avatar. Unfortunately, not many got to see it.

Martin Walls face reveal on TikTok explored

On July 19, Martin reportedly did a face reveal on TikTok. However, the YouTuber happened to have that only for a couple of minutes. As per the people who saw his face, Martin looks a lot like his avatar.

During his face reveal, the YouTuber had also asked his followers not to take screenshots or share pictures of him on the internet. While fans want to respect his wishes, many are upset that they did not get the opportunity to see the man behind the famous YouTube channel.

On the other hand, there are others who have been recreating Martin’s looks by sharing sketches of him online. If you happened to chance upon them, you would have noticed they look a lot like the avatar he has been using.

Looking at how Martin decided to surprise his fans with a face reveal, one can only hope that the YouTuber decides to do it again.

Twitter reacts to the news

Twitter has been filled with mixed reactions after they found out that Martin revealed his face. People who were lucky enough to have a glimpse of it cannot stop talking about it on the internet.

However, there are several others who are upset that they missed it. One user wrote: “Martin Walls did a face reveal, then deleted it, and I was asleep through all of it. I hate it here.”

Another added: “going to sleep mad cause I missed a martin walls face reveal and TikTok notifications do not work.” Meanwhile, there were others who slammed fans who had been sharing Martin’s face reveal screenshot even though he had asked people not to do so.

“Some of the twf fans are insane I am praying for martin walls sanity like why would you screenshot and repost someones face reveal after its deleted thats just weird,” read one comment.

Another added: “since martin walls did a face reveal and has specifically stated for it to NOT be shared around do not share any screenshots even with close friends. he deleted it for a reason please be respectful and respect his boundaries.”

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