Billionaire Jeff Bezos just blasted into space, and his choice of attire might have shocked you.

The former Amazon CEO lifted off at 14:12 BST in his rocket ship New Shepard, which was built by his own company Blue Origin and has the biggest windows of any spacecraft in history.

If you watched the crew take off from a private launch site in Van Horn, Texas, you may have noticed that they weren’t wearing space suits. Well, not the white garment you’d expect anyway.

Jeff was wearing a far lighter flight suit, and here’s why…

Why didn’t Jeff Bezos wear a space suit?

If you’ve seen photos and videos of Jeff Bezos during today’s space launch, you may have noticed that he isn’t wearing a space suit.

The billionaire, and the rest of his crew, instead opted to wear blue flight suits during their 11-minute trip to space.

These are still full-bodied garments, but they aren’t anywhere near as heavy-duty as the usual space suits that are designed to withstand the harsh environments of outer space.

If you’re wondering why they didn’t wear space suits, Jeff answered that exact question in an interview with NBC Today.

“With the cabin pressurized, it’s redundant; we don’t need to use spacesuits, and we’re going to be just like this,” he said whilst wearing the flight suit in preparation.

The crew was only in space for 11 minutes, and they didn’t actually leave the cabin. So, there was no reason for them to wear space suits.

His cowboy hat has caught everyone’s attention

It’s not just Jeff Bezos’ suit that’s been a hot topic of conversation, so has his choice of headwear.

As he led the crew out across the walkway to the New Shepard capsule, he wore a cowboy hat.

The Amazon boss is no stranger to his cowboy hat. In fact, he wears it pretty often, and that apparently includes when he goes into space.

He couldn’t leave the sandy coloured garment behind for the biggest moment of his life, right?

Everyone on Twitter has been laughing at the hat, although we’re yet to find out if he actually kept it on for the entire flight.

Who are the other passengers?

Jeff Bezos didn’t make his trip to space alone, he had three other people with him.

First, he flew with his younger brother Mark, a former marketing executive and volunteer firefighter who is also a director at the Bezos Family Foundation.

The second passenger was an 82-year-old woman called Wally Funk. She was one of 13 female pilots who went through the same tests as NASA’s Mercury 7 astronauts in the 1960s but never went to space because only men were allowed.

Finally, a teenager called Oliver Daemen also joined Jeff on the flight. He is a paying passenger, and his undisclosed ticket cost is due to be donated to charity.

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