For a show about high school football, All American certainly packs in plenty of off-field drama whether that be car crashes, protests against racism and even crossing over into the world of crime.

Season 3 has featured all that and more on the journey to its finale which arrived on The CW on July 19th and left fans with more questions than answers.

Not least about the fate of Bre-Z’s Tamia “Coop” Cooper as fans were left asking “does Coop die in All American?” following the finale of season 3.

All American | Keep Fighting | Season Trailer | The CW

All American | Keep Fighting | Season Trailer | The CW

All American season 3 finale recap

Episode 19 of All American season 3 arrived on The CW on July 19th, 2021.

The episode brings us to the end of another season as Spencer learns that he has been invited to play in the upcoming Platinum All-American game, while Beverly High’s Jordan is selected to play on the opposing team.

There is a huge fallout brewing ahead of the game as Spencer and Jordan had been practising together and there were fears that Spencer may have leaked Crenshaw’s gameplan and a fight breaks out. Luckily the game is able to go ahead but the result isn’t revealed.

Elsewhere, Layla and Carrie’s fates are left up in the air as Carrie pens a suicide note implying that they are both going to take their own lives while Asher learns that he has a heart condition called cardiomyopathy that will prevent him from playing football ever again.

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The biggest storyline of the finale is that of Coop as she is about to move away to Las Vegas on her next step on the road to fame and fortune.

However, new arrival Andre prompts suspicions from Coop as he’s loading the bus with merch and with good reason as he’s actually smuggled drugs onto the bus.

On the way to Las Vegas, the bus is pulled over by the police who are there to conduct a drug search. They don’t find anything but that’s only because Coop suspected Andre was up to no good and ditched the drugs before the bus set off.

This sets up a climactic confrontation between Coop and Mo as the former is keen to end the feud between them. However, just as Mo is about to lower her weapon, Preach arrives on the scene and in a flash both Mo and Coop have been shot.

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Does Coop die in All American?

  • Coop’s fate is left up in the air at the end of All American season 3 as episode 19 ends on a cliffhanger.

The episode ends with Coop lying in Preach’s arms as he tries to keep her from dying after she was shot in the abdomen but the credits roll before her fate is confirmed.

However, according to the NCBI, a 1980s study carried out on 300 victims of gunshot wounds to the abdomen revealed a surprisingly high survival rate of 88%.

As such, there’s actually a good chance that Coop will pull through if she can receive medical treatment in time.

Although whether she survives is also dependent on what damage that bullet did and whether or not it hit any of Coop’s critical organs.

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When will we learn Coop’s fate?

Thankfully for All American fans, The CW has already confirmed that the series will be returning for season 4.

However, we’ll have to wait for a few months to uncover Coop’s fate as the show’s fourth season isn’t due to arrive on our screens until Monday, October 25th.

When it does finally return, you can be sure that Coop’s fate will be one of the points that All American fans will be eager to explore.

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Season 3 of All American concluded on The CW on July 19th, 2021.

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