Where is Mark Kriski? Anchor absent from KTLA Morning show

Amber Peake

Mark Kriski is a familiar face to KTLA viewers having been part of the morning news show for three decades. However, fans have taken to social media as they wonder where Mark Kriski is after he was absent from the show last week.

Who is Mark Kriski?

Mark Kriski is best known as a weatherman on KTLA Morning News having joined the network in 1991.

He has won many accolades for his reporting, including nine Emmys and an Associated Press award.

Earlier this month, KTLA celebrated 30 years and, as part of the celebrations, paid tribute to Kriski as he is one of the show’s original presenters.

NORTHRIDGE, CA., FEB. 24, 2011.––FAIR WEATHER RETURN––KTLA Morning News Weathercaster Mark Kriski,
Photo by Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Where is Mark Kriski?

Having become a renowned part of the KTLA team over the years, fans were worried last week after the weather anchor didn’t appear on the morning show.

Following fans’ concerns online Mark Kriski’s wife, Jennifer Gould, has reassured viewers as she announced he is well but taking a break from his on-screen role.

Last Monday, Gould tweeted: “For everyone asking: hubby @MarkKriski is great… just taking some R&R time off. He’ll be back
@KTLAMorningNews in a few weeks!!”

This isn’t the first time viewers have been concerned about the veteran anchor. Last year, Kriski had time off after he fell and hit his head.

At the time, Gould updated KTLA viewers on Twitter as she announced her husband had suffered concussion.

KTLA anchors’ relationship explored

Mark Kriski and wife Jennifer Gould work alongside each other on KTLA as she is a sports presenter for the channel.

The couple first crossed paths in 2009 and went on to get married two years later in 2011.

They have now been married for nine years and will celebrate a decade of marriage this year in September.

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