*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Baptiste season 2, episodes 1 and 2*

After last appearing on our screens in the spring of 2019, BBC One’s Baptiste is back for its long-awaited second series.

Lot’s has changed since we last saw Julien Baptiste and the biggest talking point of season 2’s opening episode is his daughter as it’s revealed that she has passed away.

But just what happened to Baptiste’s daughter, Sara, and how did she die?

Baptiste | Series 2 Trailer – BBC Trailers

Baptiste | Series 2 Trailer – BBC Trailers

Recap: Sara Baptiste

Julien and Celia’s daughter, Sara Baptiste, was first introduced in The Missing, which would eventually spawn Baptiste as a spin-off.

Sara struggled with drug addiction for much of the original series and was hospitalised following a heroin overdose but by the end of season 2, she had cleaned up her act and gone sober.

By the time Sara appeared in Baptiste’s first season, she even had a family of her own with a husband and daughter,

However, in the opening episode of Baptiste season 2, it’s revealed that Sara didn’t have a happy ending after all.


What happened to Baptiste’s daughter?

  • Baptiste’s daughter Sara died of a drug overdose.

Throughout episode 1 it’s hinted that something bad has happened to Sara, especially when Celia asks Julien to sign divorce papers.

Towards the end of episode 1, it’s revealed that Sara died, four months before the Emma Chambers incident.

We find out exactly what happened to Sara in episode 2 – which is available now on BBC iPlayer – with the second chapter opening with Julien and Celia buying a teddy bear for Sara’s daughter.

However, thanks to indecision when choosing the teddy, they arrive more than an hour late. When they get to Sara’s, they discover that she has collapsed due to a drug overdose having relapsed back into her destructive habit.

Sara’s death haunts Baptiste throughout much of season 2 as his late arrival at his daughter’s house lead to her death.


Baptiste season 2 premiered on BBC One on July 18th while the series is available to stream in full on BBC iPlayer.

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