After more than three years away from our screens, a new anime project for KonoSuba has been revealed, but is this season 3 or a new title?

Despite the second season concluding more than three years ago, KonoSuba still remains one of the most popular and beloved series for so many fans.

Realistically, there aren’t many anime franchises out there that feature a more iconic set of characters as KonoSuba.

Whilst fans of anime are used to long hiatus’ between seasons of their favourite shows, it can get to the stage where the expectation for a return turns into a concern for a cancellation.

However, there has been a new announcement concerning the future of the franchise, but is this season 3 or a new movie?

Konosuba 2: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World – Official Trailer

Konosuba 2: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World – Official Trailer

Will there be a season 3 of KonoSuba?

  • At the time of writing, season 3 of KonoSuba has not been officially confirmed by Studio Deen, but fans should expect the hit anime to return in the future – especially following the recent announcement.

Whilst season 3 has not been officially confirmed, the anime is highly likely to return thanks to its global popularity and availability of source material.

Between the series and the movie, the KonoSuba story has been adapted up to Volume 5 of the manga. The good news is that, as of July 2021, a total of 13 volumes have been released in Japan.

What is certain is that KonoSuba remains one of the most popular anime titles in the world, almost becoming a cult-classic over recent years. According to MyAnimeList, season 1 is scoring a solid 8.14/10 and season 2 on 8.3/10 – with a combined 1.6 million votes.

Interestingly, the staff for KonoSuba have already opened up about their interest in season 3.

In 2017, two of the voice actors for the anime revealed that a new KonoSuba project was in the works. Whilst most of us at the time believed this was concerning season 3, it was instead referring to the 2019 movie ‘Crimson Legend’.

A producer for Kaokawa also claimed that season 3 “has a good chance” if the movie performed well (which it did). However, since then there had been a suspicious silence surrounding the future of the hit anime series…until now!

A new anime project is announced…

On July 18th 2021, the official KonoSuba Twitter page revealed that a new anime project is in production.

Unfortunately, it was not confirmed whether this new project would be the third anime season or a second feature film.

However, the tweet did mention that a “follow up report” would be issued soon concerning the future of the franchise.

You can check out the new poster below:

When could KonoSuba season 3 release?

An official release date for season 3 has not been revealed, but HITC predicts that the fan favourite series will return by April 2022.

Fans did speculate that Kazuma, Aqua, Darkness and Megumin could return as soon as late-2021, but considering the lack of information about season 3, many were losing hope.

However, the recent confirmation that a new anime title is in the works has filled fans with hope once more, and hope that could be delivered upon within the next 12 months.

The announcement only confirmed that a new title is on the way, but a potential release date would be moved up significantly if production has indeed already started.

As pointed out by Monsters & Critics: “It’s possible the groundwork for KonoSuba Season 3 has already begun…It could be argued that switching animation studios for the movie freed up Studio DEEN.”

This article will be updated as soon as more information is revealed.

KonoSuba season 3: Plot

The plot for season 3, if renewed, is expected to be a direct continuation from the Crimson Legend movie, which itself picked up from where season 2 left off.

The first two seasons of KonoSuba each adapted two volumes of the manga and the movie covered the entirety of volume 5.

So, we can expect the third season to cover everything from volume 6 and 7, but again, this could be changed depending on whether the next project is a return to the series or another movie.

We will update this page as soon as more information is revealed, so keep checking back in.

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