*WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Baptiste season 2*

After last appearing on our screens in the spring of 2019, Julien Baptiste (Tchéky Karyo) is back for another puzzling case in the show’s long-awaited return.

Baptiste’s second instalment centres on Emma Chambers (Fiona Shaw) and the disappearance of her two sons, Alex and Will.

There are plenty of twists and turns along the way, prompting plenty of questions, meaning that the ending of Baptiste season 2 needs to be explained.

Baptiste season 2: Release date and plot

Baptiste returned to BBC One and iPlayer for season 2 on July 18th, 2021.

The new six-episode season centres on Emma Chambers, the British Ambassador to Hungary, whose husband is shot dead and her two sons, Alex and Will, go missing after venturing into the woods outside of their hotel.

Emma is left alone as her third child, a daughter named Laura, was also killed two years prior.

Having recently suffered his own personal loss, Julien Baptiste offers to help Emma find her sons and bring the person responsible to justice.

However, the disappearance of Alex and Will is only the tip of an iceberg that kickstarts a story told over 14 months and includes a far-right terrorist group led by an anonymous figure named Gomorrah.


What happened to Alex and Will?

  • Alex and Will became radicalised and ended up working for the terrorist group led by the mysterious Gomorrah. Alex is killed but Will survives.

The motives of Emma’s sons are revealed late on in the series when the death of Emma’s daughter Laura is explored in a flashback scene.

Laura was killed, seemingly accidentally, by an intruder in their house who was an immigrant and supposedly a desperate drug addict.

The origins of the intruder caused Alex and Will to search out like-minded individuals and this resulted in them becoming radicalised via an online forum through which the boys agreed to meet with Andras Juszt in the woods near their hotel.

Their father saw them walking off into the woods and followed. When he heard an argument break out, he rushed to help but was shot by Andras. Despite this, both Alex and Will went with Juszt and became part of Gomorrah’s far-right terrorist group.


In episode 2, Alex is shown being killed in an assassination video but Baptiste deduces that it is fake and it’s later revealed that Alex took part in a massacre in the Józsefváros district of Budapest which has a large immigrant population.

Baptiste and Emma got caught up in the crossfire at Józsefváros which is how Emma ended up becoming paralyzed, likely because of her own son.

Trying to save Emma from any further harm, Baptiste shot and killed a masked Alex but stopped him from being blamed for the attack.

Will meanwhile, who hasn’t spoken since the death of his sister, remained hidden until for a few episodes more until a chance discovery by Baptiste.

Like Alex, Will is to be part of another terrorist plot but rather than taking part in a massacre, Gomorrah wants to use him to send a message.

Will had been working for several months at a refugee centre and Gomorrah wanted to kill Will and frame it on the refugees, further stoking hatred for immigrants.

However, Emma was on-hand to save her son but Will was left in a coma when sason 2 came to an end.


Who is Gomorrah?

  • Andras Juszt is Gomorrah.

The identity of Gomorrah remains a mystery for much of Baptiste’s second season with several suspects in the frame.

Two of the potential culprits are Kamilla and Michael Agoston, a far-right Hungarian politician and her British property developer husband.

As the final episodes approach, it’s heavily hinted that one of them is secretly the Gomorrah mastermind but that proves false as Baptiste finally works out that it was Andras Juszt all along.

It was he who radicalised Emma’s sons and planned the Józsefváros attack.

However, what makes this reveal so painful is that he was in custody several times throughout the series but it was thought that he was just a pawn rather than the mastermind, resulting in plenty of death and heartbreak.


Season 2’s ending explained

As the pieces fall into place, Baptiste season 2 ended with a confrontation between Baptiste and Juszt while Emma rushed to Will’s aid, saving him using a CPR technique shown off by her daughter in the aforementioned flashback.

Baptiste managed to subdue Andras Juszt but was wounded in the process, leaving his life flashing before his eyes before he passed out.

Thankfully, Baptiste survived the ordeal and after a brief reunion with Emma, he travels back to Paris where he hopes to finally retire and reconcile with his wife, Celia, who had wanted a divorce.

Baptiste takes on cooking lessons – proves that he is a dab hand at spatchcocking a chicken – and manages to get his life back to a degree of normal before.

However, season 2’s ending is bittersweet as Kamilla Agoston explains that her approval ratings have increased thanks to her being linked with a terrorist attack while Gomorrah’s presence has not disappeared even though Juszt is behind bars.


Baptiste season 2 premiered on BBC One on July 18th while the series is available to stream in full on BBC iPlayer.

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