The release date and international launch time for ‘The Detective is Already Dead’ episode 3 has been officially confirmed by Funimation.

The Summer anime slate is two weeks down and many fans have now identified the series to stick with over the next three months.

Need action, watch Scarlet Nexus; need romance, watch Girlfriend Girlfriend; need comedy, watch Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S.

However, if you want to watch an anime that has the potential to become one of the most complex and intriguing narratives of the Summer, then watch The Detective is Already Dead.  

The Detective is Already Dead episode 3: Release date and time

  • The Detective is Already Dead episode 3 will release on Funimation at 2: 30 PM BST on Sunday, July 18th.

This information has been confirmed by the streaming platform and the episode will release at the following times around the world:

  • Pacific Time – 6: 30 AM PDT on Sunday, July 18th
  • Central Time – 8: 30 AM CDT on Sunday, July 18th
  • Eastern Time – 9: 30 AM EDT on Sunday, July 18th
  • British Time – 2: 30 PM BST on Sunday, July 18th
  • European Time – 3: 30 PM CEST on Sunday, July 18th
  • India Time – 7 PM IST on Sunday, July 18th
  • Philippine Time – 9: 30 PM PHT on Sunday, July 18th
  • Australia Time – 11 PM ACST on Sunday, July 18th

This article will be updated if there are any last-minute changes to the scheduled broadcast.

Episode 2 recap…

It has been one year since Kimizuka and Siesta part ways, and our protagonist has been living a simple life ever since.

However, adventure calls again when Natsunagi, one of his classmates, then asks him to help find a missing person, known as X.

Natsunagi reveals that she had a heart transplant and two two realise that this person, X, is someone special to the previous owner.

To help find X, Kimizuka asks officer Fubi Kase to help him in the investigation, which leads them to a prison where Kimizuka finds the ‘bat’ he once fought with.  

Bat reveals that the heart inside Natsunagi belonged to Siesta, which ends in an incredibly emotional moment with Kimizuka talking to her heart.

The episode ends with another girl, coming out of the blue with an eye patch, asking for the legendary detectives help.

How many episodes are in season 1?

There are 12 episodes currently scheduled in The Detective is Already Dead season 1.

The finale is currently due to air on September 19th, if there are no breaks in the current broadcast.

The Case Study of Vanitas | Official Teaser PV

The Case Study of Vanitas | Official Teaser PV

Sunday anime…

Today, Funimation is the place to be with a variety of new dubs and subs arriving.

The latest episode of The Duke of Death and His Maid releases at 2:30 PM BST before Kingdom invades the evening schedule at 7: 40 PM.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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