The Missing spinoff Baptiste is returning for Season 2 this weekend on BBC One, returning the French detective to solve a disturbing disappearance.

Season 1 ended in tragedy for Tchéky Karyo’s Julien Baptiste, but that has not thrown the detective off the scent of crime solving as he prepares to undertake a harrowing case.

New cast members have been added to the second season, including Fiona Shaw, and we’ve also outlined where you can watch each episode after the season premiere.

The Watch | Trailer – BBC

The Watch | Trailer – BBC

Is Baptiste Season 2 on BBC iPlayer?

  • Baptiste Season 2 Episode 1 will air on BBC One on Sunday, July 18, 2021 at 9pm GMT. Subsequently, every episode of Season 2 will be available to watch on the BBC iPlayer.

Season 1 premiered back in 2019 and all of the episodes are available to watch on the BBC iPlayer ahead of Season 2’s release.


Baptiste Season 2 Plot Details

Season 2 will follow Ambassador Emma Chambers (Fiona Shaw) and the disappearance of her family in the Hungarian mountains.

Baptiste is keen to dive into a new case after the events of Season 1, and soon becomes entangled in a whole new pool of secrets.

Season 2 will also focus on Baptiste’s relationship with his wife Celia, as well as his interaction with Emma as the investigation unravels.

The detective’s emotional turmoil will be explored this season through a series of flashbacks, and Karyo has promised that we’ll get to see “how great [Baptiste’s] capacity for resilience is.”

Shaw mentioned that Season 2 will be filled with “diabolical events”, claiming that these six episodes will be even darker than Season 1 and The Missing.

Baptiste Season 2 also stars Adrian Rawlins as Richard Chambers, Stuart Campbell as Alex Chambers, Conrad Kohan as Will Chambers, Anastasia Hille as Celia Baptiste, Ace Bhatti as Emma’s colleague Nadeem and Dorka Gryllus as Hungarian officer Zsofia Arslan.