Pudgy the dog, aka Pudgy Woke, had managed to garner several followers on TikTok. On July 16, his owner, Malachy James, finally answered how Pudgy died.

TikTok has become a famous platform where several people give a glimpse of their daily lives while sharing different videos. Amid this, Malachy decided to introduce the world to his dog Pudgy, who famously got the name “Owa Owa dog.”

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How did Pudgy from TikTok die?

The rumors about Pudgy’s death had been swirling on the internet for a long time. Malachy finally broke his silence on July 16. In a YouTube video titled “What happened to Pudgy,” he confirmed that the beloved social media dog died after being bit by another dog.

Malachy said: “I meet this guy who has his dog on a leash. He introduces me and I introduced him to Pudgy. Pudgy, you know, he walks around and pisses wherever he pleases. This guy wanted Pudgy to meet his dog. So I put Pudgy down and I assumed they are about to just sniff each other. That’s what dogs usually do when they meet each other. This just wasn’t the case. This dog instantly attacked Pudgy and I am fighting with this dog.”

Malachy revealed Pudgy was rushed to the animal hospital where he was sedated. Malachy further admitted that he thought Pudgy would be fine after getting a few stitches. However, he was later told that Pudgy would need surgery which may cost around 12k -15k.

While Malachy agreed to go forward with it, the doctors informed him that the chances of Pudgy surviving even after the operation were dim. Due to this, they had to make the tough decision of putting Pudgy down. You can watch Malachy’s entire video here.

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Who was Pudgy?

Pudgy was a long-haired chihuahua who managed to gain a large fan following on social media. He had 12.4 million followers on TikTok with further 446k fans on Instagram and 12k followers on Twitter.

At the same time, Pudgy’s bark happened to be that one thing that caught everyone’s attention. Due to this, he was also named the OWA OWA dog. Malachy’s friend had found Pudgy on the road and decided to bring it home.

Upon their first meeting, Malachy knew Pudgy was going to be special for him. In an interview, he said: “I instantly had a special connection with Pudgy and didn’t want to ever let him out of my sight. My brother’s friend wasn’t in the right position to own a dog, so me and my mother adopted him and he’s been with us ever since.”

Fans pay tribute to the beloved dog

After the news of Pudgy’s death was confirmed, fans were quick to share tribute messages on social media. Pudgy’s Instagram, TikTok, and the YouTube video where Malachy confirmed the news had many fans remembering the beloved dog.

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