BTS’ latest album ‘Butter’ has gone down a treat with K-Pop fans in 2021. Along with their albums and songs, BTS often release themed merchandise, too. And for ‘Butter’ lovers, there’s a chance of winning some merch in the group’s lucky draw.

Seven-member-boyband BTS released their first single in 2013. Now, eight years later they’re a global success. BTS was touring the world until the Covid-19 pandemic hit but now, in 2021, much to their fans’ delight, they’re releasing more new music.

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BTS: What is the ‘Butter’ lucky draw?

BTS fans will be pleased to know that the group announced a Lucky Draw in July 2021.

The giveaway takes place on July 23rd and was announced on Twitter on July 16th.

It appears that an album purchase is required to join in the ‘Butter’ lucky draw and the winners will get BTS photocards. The event will end when all photo cards are exhausted as per Twitter.

How to take part in the lucky draw

You can participate in the BTS lucky draw once by buying one BTS ‘Butter’ album. Or if you purchase two copies (1 set) you can participate three times in the draw.

A link to the Weverse BTS merchandise shop was shared on the official BTS Twitter page on July 16th, so this will be a place in which fans can buy albums.

There are certain stores that merchandise can be purchased from in order to be eligible to take part in the lucky draw. As per Twitter, these are sound wave, M2U Records Sinchon Branch and power station.

BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Permission to Dance’ Official Teaser

BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Permission to Dance’ Official Teaser

Twitter reacts to the announcement of a giveaway

Judging by the reaction to the BTS announcement on Twitter, many fans are excited about the lucky draw.

However, some people are confused about how to join in the fun: “I am not sure too but some say only the ones who bought to these three stores are the only ones allowed to participate :((“.

Others wrote: “how to join the lucky draw????? helppppp

Someone else asked an important question on Twitter: “So do you buy right now or do you buy Friday 23?“. Albums should be purchased on the day of the event to take part.

Another said:Bts is killing me with all these pob benefits and lucky draws y’all really tryna make me go broke“.

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