On the occasion of World Emoji Day, on July 17, Emojipedia in collab with the Unicode Consortium has released the look of Apple’s Pregnant Man emoji and the possible update has left Twitter divided.

To celebrate the day Emojipedia, the emoji search engine released a list of all the new icons that are the finalists in a draft list which will soon the approved by the Unicode Consortium, the authority that approves icons for use.

This years list of finalists includes a Pregnant Man emoji among other intriguing ones which if approved by September 2021 could be released for use in mid-2022, according to Emojipedia.

As the list was released online the pregnant man icon confused many, amused others and rendered many furious.

Why was the pregnant man emoji created?

Emojipedia’s official website reveals that introducing a pregnant man emoji, and most other ones in this year’s list is a result of the Consortium’s drive to offer masculine, feminine as well as gender-neutral versions of every emoji available at the moment.

It also aims to add a selection of skin tones.

Hence a pregnant man emoji indicates trans and non-binary pregnancies and will be placed right next to the pregnant woman emoji.

The highly debated emoji will be available in medium to dark skin tones, as well as a similar emoji with no facial hair, which has been dubbed “Pregnant Person” for now.

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Twitter reacts to the new update

While the other emojis in the possible update list was welcomed by many, Apple’s possible Pregnant man emoji update has been highly debated on Twitter. Most people are bashing the tech company and taking the emoji as an offence. However, many made light of the situation.

A look at other newly released emojis

While the pregnant man emoji stole all the lime-light there are many others in the list that are worthy of high praise.

While we had prince and princess, a “person with crown” emoji might soon be joining the royalty. Other gender inclusivity based updates include the “bearded person” emoji that allows people to choose between a masculine and feminine bearded face.

The ones that have caught many eyeballs aside from the pregnant man one are the handshake ones. Apple’s new emoji update might include a handshake between two hands with different skin tones. There are multiracial hand gestures one such as hands making a heart shape.

There are additional faces in the possible emoji update such as “peeking eye”, “saluting” and “holding back tears.”

The list also includes 20 new icons, including coral, an X-ray, an empty battery, a playground slide and a crutch.

Unicode’s process of introducing new emojis includes opening the draft up to public comment and discussion before approving it in September of each year.

Once approved device manufacturers decide when to make the emojis available to their users. One of Apple’s latest emoji updates includes tweaking the “syringe” emoji in February this year to remove the blood. It can now be used in the celebration of the Covid vaccine becoming available.

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