A student has gone viral on TikTok after secretly recording a misogynistic conversation she heard whilst in a class full of men.

Amongst the dance videos, pet challenges and comedy skits, there are also some TikTok videos that are far less lighthearted.

Racism, homophobia and sexism are just a few of the real-life topics that are often discussed on TikTok, and the latest viral video fits into the latter category.

A TikTok user called @tank_on_e has taken over the app after exposing the horrifying misogyny she witnessed at school.

TikTok – 5 Senses Trailer

TikTok – 5 Senses Trailer

Student exposes misogyny at school

Kirsten Williams has had over 2.8 million views on a single TikTok video after she exposed some shocking misogyny she heard at school this week.

In the video posted to her profile @tank_on_e, she secretly recorded a series of conversations she heard whilst she was sitting in a class with a group of boys.

“POV: You’re the only girl in the tech class,” she wrote on the screen as the camera recorded her face from below.

In the background, you can hear the boys making a series of disgusting and misogynistic jokes about sleeping with women without consent.

“You could just find one that doesn’t talk when you ask them for consent, it means yes every time,” one of them said before another chipped in: “Or a blind one.”

Another person then questioned their opinions, asking “are you saying silence is consent? If they’re knocked out it’s consent?” and they shockingly replied: “Saying nothing means you give consent.”

The students then descended into laughter and joked “we’re going to hell,” clearly aware that what they’re saying is wrong. By this point, Kirsten looks close to tears.

TikTok reacts to the shocking video

The video has started a very important discussion on TikTok about sexism and consent.

One person wrote: “The fear in your eyes when you realised you’re surrounded by predators. I’m so sorry, please tell the school and stay safe.”

“I’m so sorry, that’s a really scary room to be in. I have absolutely no faith in men,” said another.

A third person added: “Let me start by saying that everyone involved in this conversation especially the teacher deserve to be expelled and fired for this.”

“This is why we say ‘all men’. They allow misogyny to thrive,” said another.

Comments from a video by @tank_on_e on TikTok

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