Fans are ecstatic over the news that NTT Solmare is adapting their mobile game into an anime series, titled ‘Obey Me! The Boys in the House’.

The hit Otome game was confirmed to receive an anime adaptation on April Fools Day, to confirm this, a press release was issued the following day. Obey Me! anime series will be produced by ‘Coloured Pencil Animation Japan’. NTT Solmare, Sotsu, Toei and Bouncy are all collaborating on the Obey Me! project.

The premise of the anime series will follow the events of the video game. Showing 7 demon brothers who live together going from one relationship to another, until a RAD exchange student comes into their lives.

So, what is the release date for the Obey Me! anime adaptation?

Obey Me! – Release date for the anime adaptation confirmed

  • Obey Me! is episode 1 released today (Friday, 16th July 2021) on YouTube, as well as Funimation.

Confirmation of the series’ release date can be seen on the official YouTube site for the anime, where premiered at 1 AM PDT.

Fans can watch the episode on YouTube, here. To play the game version, fans can download it on Apple and iOS devices. Alternatively, the first episode is available on Funimation.

Obey Me! Special Anime — Devildom Family Trip! Trailer

Obey Me! Special Anime — Devildom Family Trip! Trailer

Voice cast for anime series revealed

The cast members seen in a teaser are

  • Kazuya Yamashita as Lucifer.
  • Hirotaka Kobayashi as Mammon.
  • Satoshi Kada as Leviathan.
  • Shinya Sumi as Satan.
  • Miura Ayme as Asmodeus.
  • Kyohei Yaguchi as Beelzebub.
  • Satoshi Onishi as Belphegor.

Fans can see more about the characters traits, here.

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  • Sword Art Online (2012) – Gamers get trapped in a virtual world after entering an MMORPG, where if they die in the game, they die in real life.
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