DaniLeigh has finally put an end to the rumors surrounding her apparent baby bump by confirming her pregnancy in the latest Instagram post, catching fans off guard! 

The American singer and rapper shared a series of pictures on her platform showcasing her fully grown baby bump!

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Singer has a bun in the oven 

For a long time speculations suggested that DaniLeigh was carrying. However, it wasn’t until now that the news was confirmed. 

In the latest pictures, the soon-to-be-mom is seen posing before a waterfall while embracing her baby bump. Leaving little to imagination, she is only seen covering her belly. 

She wrote in the caption, “As you grow so does my love, discipline, and focus.”

The news has further surprised her over 3.5 million followers as all her pictures until recently didn’t show any signs of pregnancy. 

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DaniLeigh and DaBaby’s relationship explored

DaniLeigh’s pregnancy has many wondering if the rapper DaBaby is the father of her child, for they have a history together. 

The rumors about them dating became more evident after she went on to share pictures of DaBaby on her social media platforms, which didn’t serve the fans well. 

Reports suggest that they were a  thing until recently. The couple was said to be dating in 2020. Distractify reported in February 2021 that DaniLeigh and Dababy had allegedly broken up. 

Fans congratulate her! 

Social media users and fans of DaniLeigh were soon to shower the singer with blessing on learning about the rather surprising news.

One tweeted, “Omg congrats friend”.

Another tweeted, “This is an amazing moment, congratulations Dani.so happy for you!!!”

Another added, “You are in for the greatest love you could ever know now and I am here for it love you mommyleigh”

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