A group of guys hilariously danced to a Belgian song on TikTok. Little did they know, their Alors on Danse video would get almost 120 million views.

Every now and again, there’s a video that completely takes over TikTok.

Some of July’s highlights so far have been the Buenas Buenas video, a babysitter with a stunning Disney rendition and a group of teachers dancing to The Greatest Showman.

But by far the most viral TikTok of the month is the Alors on Danse video. You might not recognise the name, but you definitely will have seen it on your For You Page.

TikTok – Music Colour Trailer

TikTok – Music Colour Trailer

The ‘Alors on Danse’ video goes viral

Back in June, social media star Usim Mango, who has 2.8 million followers on TikTok, uploaded a video that has gone hugely viral.

In the clip, the 19-year-old from North Carolina enlisted some help from a group of friends who all started dancing to a remix of the 2009 Belgian track Alors on Danse by Stromae.

The dance was totally hilarious. In fact, it wasn’t really a dance at all. They all just started weirdly moving their hands and bodies in time to the music before synchronising and swaying from side to side.

It quickly hit the For You page and caught the attention of almost 120 million people who have viewed the clip, also receiving 19 million likes and 161,000 comments.

It’s inspired the latest viral trend

If you’ve been on TikTok over the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen the Alors on Danse video a lot because it’s become part of the latest viral trend.

It involves using TikTok’s green screen effect to put the video in the background. Then, you place yourself in front of the dancers and add some sort of funny text. See the video below for an example.

Now, the sound has been used on a whopping 3.2 million videos, and it’s quickly becoming one of the app’s most popular sounds this year.

Social media reacts to ‘Alors On Danse’ on TikTok

The revival of Alors on Danse has got everyone on social media talking.

Everyone loves the track, but they’re not very happy that the iconic tune has now been branded a ‘TikTok song’.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Alors On Danse is undeniably one of the greatest songs of all time.”

“7:24 am and am listening to alors on danse hbu,” said another.

A third person added: “How did Alors On Danse become a TikTok song now?😔.”

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