What has been your favourite element of the Fear Street trilogy?

If you’re a seasoned gorehound then perhaps it has been the inventive kills? Or, if you’re an R.L. Stine fan, has it been immersing yourself in the wild world of the beloved American author’s work once again?

Leigh Janiak’s Netflix trilogy has earned an abundance of praise for a wealth of reasons, but arguably one of the best things about taking a stroll down Fear Street is becoming acquainted with unfamiliar talent. 

Such central stars as Kiana Madeira (Deena), Olivia Scott Welch (Samantha Fraser), Benjamin Flores Jr. (Josh), and beyond have been championed by audiences, who have been introduced to their skills through these movies. 

With the efforts hitting Netflix’s “Top 10”, more eyes are on the cast than ever before and it’s the perfect time to highlight yet another rising star amidst the ensemble. So, who plays Sarah Fier in Fear Street?


Fear Street: Who plays Sarah Fier?

  • The character is played by 28-year-old actress Elizabeth Scopel and she has portrayed Sarah across all three installments. 

We’re told about Sarah in Part One: 1994 and the characters believe that she is responsible for cursing the town. The films follow the gang as they attempt to stop her and Part Three: 1666 delves deeper into her past, enlightening audiences about her demise. 

Looking back on the actress’ career, she first appeared on screens in the 2010 short Local Hero (she played Coffee Shop Girl). Since then she has been in such other shorts as Ghosted: Get Some (Samantha) and Skin the Wire (Ashlie). 

TV work, on the other hand, includes brief parts in FBI: Most Wanted (Daisy / Mia Anderson), Chicago Med (Britt Mills), and Grave Secrets (Noni). 

Before Fear Street, the only feature she had starred in was the 2019 TV movie Half-Empty (Julie) directed by Augustine Frizzell. 

FEAR STREET PART 3: 1666 | Official Trailer | Netflix

FEAR STREET PART 3: 1666 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Is she on Instagram?

Yes, you can find Elizabeth on Instagram over at elscopel; she currently has 8,775 followers.

There are a number of Fear Street-related snaps to scroll through, including one of her stood alongside co-stars at the premiere captioned: “I am in awe of every person involved in #fearstreet.”

Fans will agree that she’s certainly not alone on that one, and speaking of the premiere…

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“It’s really beautiful and exciting”

While chatting with FabTV at the Fear Street premiere, the actress was asked about her thoughts on the trilogy:

“It’s just a really good subversion of the genre and like a really good comment on the genre and the types of horror movies that Leigh [Janiak] is making her own… it’s really beautiful and exciting. It’s really cool.”

As for the weekly schedule of the films, she explained: “I’m excited. I’ve binged a lot of television this year and it would’ve been nice to binge something new every week and know that this can grow throughout the weeks.”

Reflecting on what she’s been up to during the pandemic, she also said that she’s been “watching a lot of television” and “adopted a cat… that’s about it. Not a whole lot.” However, she said her hopes for 2021 are “hopefully to work a lot… Get back into things.”

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 is available on Netflix from Friday, July 16th 2021.

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