The YouTuber and boxer met Donald Trump at a recent UFC match.

The match between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier was attended by the likes of many celebrities, including Mel Gibson, Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker and more.

YouTube star Jake Paul and Donald Trump were among the guests at the event and posed for a picture backstage.

If you follow Jake on social media, you would know that this isn’t the first time the duo have met.

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Jake Paul meets Donald Trump

Jake Paul and Donald Trump both attended UFC 264 last weekend.

They met backstage to snap pictures together and the YouTuber proudly shared two images on his social media platforms.

“Addison Rae looks different here,” Jake captioned his post, poking fun at the encounter between the TikTok star and Trump during the event.

Jake held his fists in the first picture, while the former US president was all smiles and used the thumbs-up gesture. The second snap shows the two having a conversation.

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Have they met before?

Yes, Jake previously claimed that he met Trump virtually.

The social media images come after the YouTuber-turned-boxer recently claimed that he has spoken to Trump over FaceTime.

In an Instagram post from May this year, Jake posted a white board with a list of things he had done and achieved in the past two weeks.

One of them included a screenshot of his FaceTime conversation with the former US president who appeared to be on a plane.

Another of Jake’s achievements was his encounter with former UFC double champion Daniel Cormier.

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Twitter reacts

After seeing the social media posts, the YouTuber’s followers have questioned where Jake stands politically. Some of them are divided and confused, while others poked fun at the images.

“Yall really think he’s gonna get canceled for this,” tweeted one user.

“2024 president – 2034 president,” joked another one in the comment section.

“Trump as president and Jake Paul as vice president,” someone else joked on Instagram.

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