Self-proclaimed “Bitcoin Millionaire” Erik Finman is making headlines yet again by launching the Freedom Phone. He claims the device is completely uncensored, promoting “free speech and privacy first.”

Erik took to his official Twitter account to make the announcement and since then, social media users couldn’t stop discussing the new smartphone and its rather unbelievable features, that challenge the restrictions by Big Tech.

The smartphone thrives on “privacy” and “free speech”

According to Freedom phone’s website, the Erik’s new invention comes with features like “tracking blockers and an uncensorable app store.”

It further states the device has its “own app store”, which allows you to read, watch and “think” however you wish to without being censored. This means, one can download apps that are banned on other app stores.

Freedom Phone consists of an operating system “based on free speech”. Erik explained in his video that the phone comes with a privacy guard called “Trust”, which reportedly alerts the users if their device being tracked or if they are being spied on.

With the motto to “create a future where free communication is not banned by Big Tech”, the website also states, “Not just making America great. But also making a great phone.”

Freedom Phone’s price and features explored!

Even though the smartphone boasts some extraordinary features, you can purchase it without much hassle.

Currently being sold at $499.99, the smartphone will be shipped in August, according to the website.

As far as the features of the phone are concerned, it carries a 6-inch-screen and “Great Camera.” However, the specifics of the same are yet to be revealed.

The users can start using The Freedom Phone after the purchase by simply inserting the SIM Card from your old phone into this one.

Twitter isn’t convinced with the new invention

Freedom Phone promises all the privacy a user wishes to have, but the authenticity of the same is being questioned by social media. The majority of them have noted that an uncensored device could be more problematic than beneficial, as it gives access to content of any nature. Many have pointed out that these features with no restriction can be misused in unimaginable ways.

One tweeted, “3 Signs Your Money Is About To Get Stolen By #FreedomPhone #Grifter 1)The website provides no phone specs or details 2)Its being sold on a basic Shopify store – whose known for banning conservatives. 3)All parts are from China with software developed from unknown companies”

Another shared, “Freedom phone is gonna have every app unblocked and uncensored for you because muh free speech or something Prepare for a lot of malware and cp”

And one tweeted, “Freedom Phone Every pedophile, drug dealer, human trafficker, arsonist aka criminal, will be buying this phone. This is not going to age well.”

Adding to the above tweets, another user said, “The Freedom Phone comes as welcome news not only to pedophiles and Nazis, but also to the FBI, who will invariably honeypot the shit out of it.”

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